Alicia Keys Is Being Dragged for “Body Shaming” Tweet And It’s Exhausting AF

You know stuff ain’t right in the world when I find myself caping for someone who ain’t all together my fav, but something has got to be said.

One of the things I love about us and our culture is how direct we are. We do not mince words. If we are displeased by your actions you will know it in no uncertain terms.

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Twitter and virtually all major social media platforms have taken that which I love about us, and turned it into a mean-spirited game of word-watching.   No one is immune, especially anyone who has a even a token of online celebrity status. Dragging seems to have become the “it” thing, and frankly, I’m tired of it. And this is not to say that problematic folks don’t deserve to be called out, they do, but some stuff? Like Alicia Keys’s dragging yesterday? Tew Much.

Here’s what happened:

Alicia posted the following photo as an homage to women:


And no, Marylin wouldn’t have been my choice for such an homage as she was notorious for plastic surgery, struggled with her weight, and killed herself with pills, HOWEVER, I understood the intent.

Still, folks found reason to take Alicia to task:

My thoughts?

Do I get the problematic nature of Alicia’s post? Yes. Does it deserve an internet scathing? No.  In the last month we’ve seen the internet roast the likes of Tyrese, Kendrick Lamar, a popular blogger who will go unnamed, and now Ms. Keys.  I’m officially over it. I do not condone and I do not support the statements these people have made that brought on the dragging, but since when did we all get so God damned perfect? I just want us to be more selective in our collective dragging. Let’s drag over shit that’s worth it. This ain’t it.


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  1. Really ridiculous. What’s wrong? I have Marilyn over my bed. She was imperfect like us all. I think cause she’s white, there’s an uproar. She faced the same issues, stereotypes as women today. Read about her life, it wasn’t just Hollywood bull. She was a poet as well and a complete woman. If it were Beyonce, who they laud as “the Goddess of Now”, there would be no outcry.

  2. Blah Blah blah blah Alicia in my opinion said nothing wrong. These women are so very sensitive.Hypersensitivity is an indicator of low self-esteem theses comments are ridiculous.

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