Watch SheaMoisture CEO’s Interview On The BreakFast Club

I’m working on a blog post in response to this video, but in the meantime, check out what Shea Moisture’s CEO, Richelieu Dennis, has to say about the controversy surrounding their latest video ad:

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  1. Advertise the Love of everyone. From the start of your business journey to where you’re heading and want to be. It’s not about dark skin but hair types which was not seen. Your advertisement crew failed drastically. Smh

  2. Ok my thoughts, he is doing all this nonsensical explaining about an ad that supposedly went out before it was approved…hmmmm really? Apologize all he wants.and make the rounds of every morning , evening, tv or radio show. This Ad had to have been approved by someone in order for it to have been released. I saw him on Roland Martin and he said the ad showed up on social media before being approved. Take a look at their advertising team and you won’t ever wonder again. This was not a mistake or a misstep, sorry I’m not buying it

  3. I think he is full of shit. He IS definitely catering to the “white dollar” while abandoning his core base with the ad. Hell as far as the change in formula, you can go to YouTube and see people had been complaining for like 2 YEARS that the products weren’t the same on their hair and seemed to contain less moisture. Let’s be real.. these white chicks in the commercial weren’t talking about their skin but their hair and the only way you can have a MOISTURE product that doesn’t weigh WHITE FOLK hair down is to lessen the moisture. Black folks with type 4 hair and white folks cannot use the same hair moisture and expect that shit to come out GREAT for both. When he said the formula it’s self was not changed for the white folks in particular… Notice and that he didn’t say that the formula was not changed at all, only not to get the white dollar. He is a bunch of bullshit and as far as trying to guilt trip people by saying you’re punishing the people that you’re trying to feed?? Honestly people buy the products for what it does for their hair or what ever that particular product caters to not necessarily for the other efforts SheaMoisture decides to use the money for. Still not buying shea moisture products anymore. Hello Cantu!!!

  4. It would have been nice if there was an actual black woman sitting around that table for the interview. And Charlemagne the Non-God hates black women. 🙂

  5. The Coconut and Hibiscus detangler is just one of the fabulous products made by this company, and it works wonders on my daughter’s hair. I will continue to buy and use it because…like I said, it WORKS… AND I get to support a growing Black owned business!! Win Win! Continued to learn and be successful #sheamoisture

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