Phaedra Has Been Fired From RealHousewives And Porsha Needs The Boot Too, Here’s Why

For a while reality TV was my guilty pleasure. I’d pretend to be embarrassed about watching shows like Love and Hop Hop or The Real Housewives franchise, always making excuses about how I happened to “stumble” upon an episode. But you know what? I’m over faking the funk: I watch these show and enjoy them. You probably watch them, too, shyt.  And real talk? The reason they exist is because millions and millions of people tune in faithfully. While I’ll admit, I don’t watch reality TV faithfully, I do tune in every now and again, and read up on the lives of these folks from time to time. Go ahead and judge me, but these shows don’t reflect the tiniest bit of my reality or the reality of anybody I know, so for me, they are the modern-day soap opera. No more. No less.

That being said, I watched all four of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion episodes, and last night’s was explosive as hell.

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Recap: Porsha exposed Phaedra as the person who told her that Kandi and Todd were planning to drug and rape her. Phaedra kind of denied it, but eventually copped to, it..sorta. It has since been revealed that due to Phaedra’s incessant lies and slander, she’s been fired from the show.

Here’s a little clip of how it all went down:

Pause. Why is Sheree crying!? #weird.

Anyway, here is Phony A$$ Phaedra trying to weasel her way around admitting that she made the whole thing up:

So Porsha cried her way through the whole scenario, painting herself as a pawn and a victim of evil Phaedra. Meanwhile Phaedra never fully admitted to why she, an attorney, felt motivated to go on a smear campaign against Kandi.

But it’s not hard to figure it all out:

  1. Phaedra has been upset at Kandi for the last couple of years because she felt Kandi didn’t  provide enough emotional support during Apollo’s trial and subsequent incarceration.
  2. Kandi publicly validated Apollo’s claims that Phaedra had been cheating on him, and was ready to move on by the time he was leaving for prison.
  3. #messy indeed, but Kandi’s position has always been: don’t paint me as a bad friend if you were happy about your husband leaving and were already forming a new relationship with a new man
  4. Phaedra admitted to “talking with someone who was encouraging” her, but denies cheating.
  5. Also, Kandi got married, had a baby, and had to help her husband bury his mama, so it’s not like she hasn’t had her hands full
  6. But Phaedra can’t get over it, so this season she went after Kandi’s reputation with this vicious lie and several others.
  7. Phaedra also helped one of Kandi’s former employees launch a $168,000 lawsuit against her for allegedly unpaid wages.
  8. So it’s clear, Phaedra’s motivation was vengeance. She, of course, refuses to cop to that.

But while social media is rightfully painting Phaedra as the low down gutter snipe she is, Porsha is seeming to get a pass because she’s dumb, and I’m not here for it. Here’s why:

  1. When Porsha was told by her friend, Phaedra, that Kandi intended to sexually assault her, she didn’t approach the situation as someone who had learned her former friend (Kandi) planned to violate her.
  2. Indeed, Porsha insisted on repeating the story at every opportunity as though it were just some juicy gossip.
  3. So while Porsha now insists that she only repeated what she she heard because she thought it was true, I call BS. Who willingly works alongside someone you believe is capable of sexual assault? The normal response would have been to notify the producers or even the police, not take vacations and continue to sip cocktails with that person.
  4. I honestly believe that both Porsha and Phaedra thought they were just spreading some tea and painting Kandi and Todd as swingers and freaks. It’s bizarre that Phaedra, someone who is smart, would willingly spread such slander, but Porsha was just the dummy she needed to do it.
  5. At one point during the reunion Porsha even accused Kandi of having a rotten pu$$y she could smell from afar.  I know, but I only point it out to show that Porsha isn’t sorry if she still feels comfortable dragging Kandi and saying gross things about her.
  6. Porsha only admitted that Phaedra was the one behind the rumor when she realized that this was some heavy ish, as Kandi had her served with a cease and desist letter. Only then did she feel compelled to expose her friend.
  7. Porsha is trying to cover her ass. The crying and histrionics she displayed at the reunion were all to avoid a lawsuit.
  8. Porsha is dumb, but she’s not that dumb, and if Andy Cohen is smart he’ll get rid of her a$$, too.

Both Phaedra and Porsha are trash, and with the stuff that comes out of their mouths, they are both liabilities for Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives brand. I say let them both go today.


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  1. Yes! Yes! and Yes. they are both complicit and need to go. Phaedra has been a fraud since day 1. I don’t know how she ever became as popular as she did. Everything about her is calculating including her ‘epic reads.’ They all sound like she sat in the mirror and practiced them. There’s nothing genuine about her. Porsha is an idiot, but she’s not stupid. She knew exactly what she was doing and was willing to play the part of willful idiot in her bid to drag Kandi down. I don’t even like Kandi all that much, but that ‘gossip’ was vicious and uncalled for. Everyone likes to get on Kenya all the time, but I personally find her hilarious. Everything she has ever said about Phaedra has come out to later be true. But people refuse to see that for whatever reason.

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