Here’s Why Tyra Banks Is Being Sued AGAIN For Her Alleged Behavior While Filming Reality TV

America’s Got Talent host and world renown model/mogul, Tyra Banks, is being sued by a woman who is being referred to as Jane Doe. The lawsuit against Tyra Banks and Marathon Productions alleges that she physically manipulated and verbally abused Jane Doe’s daughter, “Mary,” by shaking her shoulder and pulling her hair back all while the America’s Got Talent camera’s were filming according to Huffington Post.

Jane Doe is claiming she and her husband performed a song together that was a favorite of their daughter,  and Tyra made fun of the performance and mocked the song choice. The lawsuit alleges that Tyra asked the daughter to share her thoughts of her parents after they had been mocked, and claims the girl was “traumatized and became deeply depressed” after her interactions with Tyra. A few weeks after the performance, Jane asked the show to not televise any of the footage of her, her husband, and her daughter.

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This isn’t the first time Tyra has been sued because of her behavior. Cycle 17 America’s Next Top Model contestant, Angelea Preston, sued Tyra and the show’s makers for 3 million dollars in 2015. Angelea won cycle 17 but her win never aired. Less than one month after being crowned America’s Next Top Model in the All Stars season, producers took back her title and reshot the final episode, handing the title to the runner up. In an interview with Daily Mai Online , Angelea states:

‘I used to admire Tyra so much. I wanted to be like her. I don’t want to be like her now.

Sometimes we would work 20 hours straight of filming. We couldn’t talk unless the cameras were on. We had to be put on a thing called “ice”.

‘That means if the camera’s not rolling we cannot say anything because they don’t want to miss something potentially good.

‘So we we’d be on ice for hours. Not eating, not drinking, not talking…You’re guarded [by members of the crew]. It’s like top model prison. That’s exactly what it is.’

Cylcle 5 contestant Lisa D’Amato in an interview with Too Fab  said of Tyra’s attitude:

I do think Tyra [Banks] kinda likes to keep everybody down a little bit so everyone knows she’s like the Queen Bee.

Then there was the infamous “We were all rooting for you!” contestant, Tiffany Robinson.

Tiffany shared this with Vulture:

I didn’t think she cared. I don’t think she gave a fuck about none of us, except for the ones who made it big

It looks as though Tyra has a pattern of being…What’s the word? Not so nice to contestants.

But for real though, isn’t this the kind of abuse you sign up for when you decide to go on reality TV shows, particularly shows where you know you will be judged and judged harshly? What say you? Sound off below!
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  1. These contestants’ comments seem extremely one sided.
    If this were the case, why not quit? It’s not as if these are paying gigs with which these women are feeding their families.
    This is a reality show based solely on a person’s physical appearance as a commodity.
    If one is so extremely thin-skinned, mayhaps modeling is NOT the appopriate career path.

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