White Woman Presents Herself in Seven Types Of Blackface To Raise Awareness For Human Rights Issues

According to Scubby, Boglarka Balogh, a journalist and human rights lawyer, says she dressed up as women from various African tribes to bring attention to their decline.

She says during her time in ‘various African countries she became fully aware of the issues regarding a number of endangered tribes, and the speed at which they are fading away’.

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The images were created with the help of graphic artist Csaba Szábó, who incorporated Boglarka Balogh’s picture onto portraits of members of the  following African tribes: Wodaabe, Daasanach, Arbore, Mursi, Turkana, Karo and Himba communities.

Borglarka says she is concerned about the tribes in Ethiopia ‘where white people are trying to convince the black government to sell the tribal people’s land.’

The images were posted on Bored Pandabut were deleted by Borglarka after she received backlash for the photos:

‘Since I had no intentions to offend anyone and yet I’m not able to answer to all of you, I’ve decided to delete my post.’

What do you think folks. Is this another example of Blackface? Or nah?

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  1. It’s sad that nowadays a Caucasian person cannot bring awareness to anything from another culture without it being interpreted as “Cultural Appropriation”, which btw is a phrase being loosely used by anyone trying to find wrong doing, like a phrase of the year.

    This lady was in Africa with the tribes, HUMAN RIGHTS lawyer, trying to bring awareness to a matter that I’m sure few people know about and it’s seen as something bad “White woman painting face black”. We should be as one, and we preach that race or skin tone shouldn’t be an issue but we are the first ones to make an issue out of it.

    Now, since she was forced to remove her awareness campaign let’s wait and see which African person will take her place, because the main issue is still a problem, The Decline of African Tribes.

  2. Concerning the real issue of white men trying to buy tribal lands, this is and has always been the Modus Operandi of wealthy Caucasian men. Look at North and South America. Look at Australia and New Zealand. Parts of Asia and many parts of Africa. I applaud this woman for wanting to bring awareness in the hopes that it would help stop the sale of these lands and preserve these tribes. Even putting companies on blast and shaming them won’t stop them from pursuing profit. It is up to the African governments to start putting African pride and survival over profit. To begin to take back what is theirs.

    Now to the focus of the article. This is giving me a serious headache. So, there were already pictures of women from these tribes? But she needed to incorporate her Caucasian features in them to digitally transform herself into these women to bring awareness to their plight? I’m sure there is more to the story because there always is. However, how does her face have a bigger impact than their faces? I am sure this woman is doing great works for human rights but it appears as if she might have caught a case of the “Great White Hope” syndrome for a moment. Where it wasn’t enough for her to tell their stories but she had to become the face of their tribes as well so people would pay attention. Even blackface with seemingly good intentions is still blackface.

    She made herself more important than the issue she was trying to bring awareness to by doing this. Not because of the controversy. It is because she put herself as the focal point and not the women or the tribes. Those women’s faces plus her telling their tribal story was enough to bring awareness. SMH.

    Now it would be something different if she actually changed her appearance and lived life for at a least a week as a woman from each of those seven tribes. In order to get a personal idea of how someone’s life is you will need to walk in their shoes, as the saying goes. But digitizing yourself over those women’s faces is dismissive of them and their tribe, not to mention being disrespectful.
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  3. I think her intention and heart were in the right place, but got lost in translation! Kudos to her for at least trying.

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