“I Walked Away Because You Were Too Busy Finding Fault In Me”: This is Why TI Says He Walked Away From His Marriage

I don’t generally care about celebrity makeups and breakups, but TI and Tiny’s split bugs me. Folks gotta do what they gotta do for their own peace of mind, I get that, but his unwillingness to publicly own that he ain’t shit bugs me.

We all have our ain’t shit qualities, why can’t he own his?  I know reality TV isn’t real, but they seemed like a cool family, and gosh, she even stayed with him through his prison stints, and just birthed his most recent child a year ago.

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Despite all of that, TI seems hell bent on publicly making their breakup her fault. A few months back he even  revealed on a radio show that his marriage to Tiny, a woman he’s been with damn near his half of his life, a woman who has birthed and mothered a whole gaggle of his kids, was a “distraction” (read about it HERE).

Most recently TI posted this message to his Instagram followers:

I walked away because you were too busy finding faults in me, while I was too busy ignoring yours.

Many in the comment section were none too pleased:

This whole thing is just sad. SAD!
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  1. Lisa, I agree with you. T.I. disrespected and humiliated his wife and allowed his side chick to do the same. He has shown us, he has no morals for regardless of separating or divorcing, u have respect for your home. He used Mayweather as an excuse for he was caught with her assistant and she moved out. He kept that hid and the entire time the public thought it was Bernice. He was caught in December with the assistant and he started seeing Bernice in December. Tiny did right to leave him for he was out of control. Actually he cheated on Bernice, as well. She was also getting sloppy seconds. Now, I understand that he does not want to be seen with Bernice in public but he likes her ratchet pics. Lord, he is too sad. Poor excuse for man and poor example for a father. Just sad.

  2. I think Tip is a coward, I mean he did what he did throughout the marriage and relationship which started in 2000 , which is evident by the ages of all his children which means he has never been faithful to Tiny. How dare he claim she was to busy finding fault in him while he was to busy overlooking hers, WHAT let’s examine this statement you did not overlook her money, connections, love, physical and emotional support. But you know you are right she did and does have faults . She stood by your broke unknown behind and used her money and connections to catapult you into who you are today. Despite how many times you publically cheated on her she still held down all your children not just hers, heck she even had the nerve to accept and love them. Then she had the audacity to hold you down during your prison stays, yes she should have walked away you did not deserve her loyalty. Now you use media outlets to embarrass and shame her for being your ride or die chick while you blatantly keep you side peice in the news getting her free publicity while you insult your wife the only person who supported and believed in you when you were nothing and nobody and you say these stupidest things trying your best to demoralize her and tear apart her self esteem. The world is watching how you abuse your wife physically and emotionally, by still sleeping with her evidenced by heiress. Let’s face it she needs to get tested with all the partners you have in your bed. The real problem is she woke up one day and realized you didn’t care about her and had no boundaries to your cheating anymore cause you brought it right in her face( employee) probably did that girl in her house. Now you want to act like she is the cause of breakup because she stood up to your bullying her to put up with all these infidelities, she went and bought a house , because the house she shared with you, became your love space for other women, and she no longer felt like it was her home it had been violated. Tiny needed a place where she and her children would be shielded from his extracurricular sexcapades , her children could have walked in on his trysts .

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