What Walking In Your Purpose Really Means

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If you’re a regular on the online circuit, you’ve no doubt come across the expression “Walking in Your Purpose.”  The expression is tossed around quite a bit, and there are a plethora of online coaches who promise to help discover how to live out your dreams. It’s pretty cool to think that you can somehow, on your own, discover what you are meant to be doing AND make a living out of it.

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I’ve written pretty extensively about my life as a full-time creator. You can read those posts HERE and HERE, but what I haven’t done is really give you a sense of the truth behind it all. And I don’t mean all the hard work and sleepless nights, because I’m sure it’s common knowledge that entrepreneurism isn’t for the faint of heart. I mean the process of coming to the awareness of what it means to actually live out what’s been designed for you.

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Here are 5 truths I’ve come to know now that I am walking in my purpose

  1. It’s a process. I began this journey by doing what I thought I should do. I went to college and grad school and tried, to the best of my ability, to find and keep a job that would nurture my talents and pay a fair wage. It never happened. After being fired from my highest paying job to date (you can read about it HERE), I began to suspect that I can’t just carve out my life to be like everyone else’s just because I want it to be that way.

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  2. Money doesn’t have anything to do it. When I first left my full-time job, I pursued being an online business coach. Not because it was what I dreamed for myself, but because it seemed like an easy enough way to make money while continuing to create online content. The year I spent coaching was perhaps one of the most depressing years of my life. I was so focused on not disrupting my income that I poured money and time into a business I wasn’t meant to be doing. I’ve since suspended my coaching services and i haven’t felt more free and happy, even though it was a huge blow to my income. I’ve been focused on being an online creator exclusively for the last 8 months, and I’m happy to report it’s paying quite a few bills and then some. 
  3. If you listen, pay attention, and get out of your own way it will come.  I’ve been blogging for 5 years. My undergraduate degree is in English and Journalism with a concentration in creative writing. My Master’s degree is also in Creative writing. Yet, when I left my full-time job the idea the idea that I should just write never occurred to me. I had decided that writing would never pay any bills and that one day, when I’m in 50s or 60s I’d write a book, just for the hell of it. The signs that I should write and let writing guide me to wherever I am meant to be were all there, I simply didn’t want to pay attention or listen to the inner voice guiding me in this direction.
  4. When the anxiety is high, you know.  I always know that when my anxiety is at an all-time high a change is a-coming. I also know that when I I simply say eff it, things come full circle. All of the “How am I gonna pays” and “What ifs” seem to sort themselves out without my involvement.

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  5. There was is no reward without risk. I’m in several facebook groups for bloggers and very very few of the members are full-time creators. In fact, in one group, I believe I am the only full-time creator. I know I am a full-time creator because I was and am willing to suffer through being uncomfortable for what I know is ahead. I often hear these women discuss making investments “when I start making money” or”quitting my job when I make as much money online as I do at my 9-5,” and I always find myself shaking my head. Wouldn’t it be great it it actually worked that way?  I would never encourage anyone to take the very risks I’ve taken because I know that I could not do what I do without support. However, last month, I made what would have normally taken me 3 months to make at my full-time job. Sure, I busted my butt doing it, but I did it, without waiting and hoping for an arbritrary bonus or raise from my employer.  I did it because I worked through not having anything for months and months. I did it because last  year I got part-time job stuffing envelopes just to make ends meet, while pursuing this dream.

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Walking in my purpose isn’t something I woke up and decided to do, it’s something that I’ve committed myself to doing for the rest of my life. I haven’t “arrived” and I don’t always know where I’m going or where I’ll end up, but the journey, thus far, has been worth it.

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  1. Lisa, this was an excellent post! Love it and keep pushing lady, you are an inspiration to myself and I’m sure others.
    Naja Diamond

  2. Inspiring post for a new creative. I love all the 5 truths. The process is the one I struggle the most being a blogger. I currently work in the 9 to 5 full time and I’m used to you work you get paid, and you have recognition of what you do. Versus when you run the show and start with nothing it takes time to build your audience, your brand and everything else!!! Thank you for the post!!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Your post inspired me. I’m in a different sort of situation as being a single mommy and can’t quit my job to pour all of my passion into being a full-time blogger right now, but I’m working day and night to get there. I will continue to walk in my purpose. You’re my idol. Love your blog!
    Alecia recently posted…Bun Life! 3 Steps for a Quick Natural HairstyleMy Profile

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