After Assuring Sellers of Their Job Security, Tyra Banks Closes Her Direct Sales Business, Leaving Her Beautytainers in the Dust

Ever since America’s Next Top Model, rumors about Tyra Banks being shady AF have been swarming. From her feuds with former judges, to her conflicts with former contestants, Tyra’s name seems to get dragged through the mud pretty regularly. She’s even fighting a lawsuit as I type! Read about her current legal battle HERE.

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Over the years, Tyra has continued to push the image of being the relatable supermodel with a focus on female empowerment. That’s why when Tyra Beauty debuted, women everywhere were beyond excited when Tyra announced that her cosmetic line would be a direct sales style beauty line (Think AVON or Mary Kay). Women everywhere rejoiced at the thought of being able to work for Miss Banks. Top sellers would get private trips with her, meet her at conventions, and of course, make tons of money having a team work under them. This was such a bold move, risky of course, but a great idea for Tyra and her brand of girl power.

Welp! Fast forward to February 2017, rumors of Tyra Beauty moving from direct sales to retail emerged from a former top Beautytainer (the name for sales reps under Tyra Beauty). Allegedly, the rumors were quickly shot down by Tyra herself, who denied that anything was amiss with the company. Over the past few months Tyra’s camp continued to deny the that Tyra Beauty was going retail until last week when the announcement was finally made via email to her Beautytainers.

In a press release, shared on the statement is as follows:

“While the direct sales channel grew from a few hundred hand-selected Beautytainers during its initial Beta period in spring of 2015 to several thousand by 2017, doubling revenue each year, the decision to close the channel was due to certain challenges typically associated with direct selling and multi-level businesses.

The success and positive momentum in the direct sales channel has been astonishing.

That success has come at a price and over the last year it has become increasingly clear that there are challenges with the direct sales channel that are simply not compatible with the mission and ultimately the business.

The brand’s commitment has always been to help empower people by giving them the tools and encouragement they need to succeed. TYRA Beauty will continue to sell its innovative and transformative cosmetic and skincare products through its e-commerce operations ( and other channels where it is excited to continue to share its products, mission, and message.”

According to Tyra Beauty’s Facebook page has since been flooded with comments from disappointed reps, and fans alike. The main source of anger comes from the fact that folks claim that Tyra knew all this time that she was planning to go retail and lied since February about it. Others allege that, Trya has now left her top sales reps without a job and tons of product with nothing to show for it. Many Beautytainers feel duped by Tyra and have been hurt both emotionally and financially by her decision:

Ultimately business is business, and Tyra may have just bitten off more than she can chew. In an recent interview with USA Today, Tyra discusses trying to balance two reality TV shows, at one point a a talk show, modeling, and most recently, motherhood. Last year, Tyra welcomed her son,  York, into her life.

“I was on fire,” she says. “I was so successful…but I was exhausted and I was sad.”

Maybe all of that played a role in moving Tyra Beauty from Direct Sales to retail, and if so, we get it. It’s just sad that sellers feel that she should have been more transparent with what was going on behind the scenes.

Check out the video below where she explains why she started Tyra Beauty. Tell us what you think of this business move. Do you feel that she was deliberately deceptive, or are there other factors to consider? Will you still rock with TyTy Baby? Did you ever rock with her in the first place? Comment below.

I’m a 30-something, fun loving blogger who enjoys makeup, plus size fashion, and all things girly, glam, and fabulous! I am a naturalista as well as an advocate for paleo eating (AIP). While much of my focus is on beauty, I will be chronicling my weight loss and diet, as well as my natural hair journey. I hope that I can inspire women to give themselves some TLC. Life is so fleeting. We have to remember to take time to enjoy it.

  1. I feel for her former sales people. It is never easy being laid-off or told the company is moving in a different direction and your services are no longer needed. I went through this in the banking industry and doing freelance. A business is going to lie and act like everything is smooth sailing and moving in the same direction as always. They do this because they need business to continue as usual as they transition to the new way of doing things. It sucks for the people who lose their income. But… It truly is nothing new.

    I know of businesses who will hire a lot of workers and create a third shift in January. In April, will say they are shutting down the newly created and newly staffed third shift. Then in July announce they are getting rid of the entire work site. The whole time claiming things are business as usual. Things truly are business as usual, making profit. I hope these women are still allowed to sell the rest of the product they have so they can at least recoup some money from it
    ShawnTe Pierce recently posted…Budget Beauty: Wet-n-Wild’s $3.99 Contour Stick Is the TruthMy Profile

  2. This is why you don’t mess with MLM pyramid schemes. This happens all too often and they person or people at the top laugh all the way to the bank. Meanwhile 70% of more of the people who signed up don’t even make back the cost of their “kit” and even the successful people can be left in the dust by a move like this. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  3. It’s going to be a difficult recovery for those that were emotionally and financially invested with her company. But none of us will EVER regret crossing paths and creating a Sisterhood. We will always be bonded ❤️

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