Cosmetics Mogul, Jeffree Star, Calls Jackie Aina an “Irrelevant Rat” After She Denounces His Treatment of Black Women

The beauty world is buzzing over yet another drama filled beef amongst beauty gurus. This time, Cosmetics mogul and youtube beauty vlogger, Jeffree Star, has placed his sights on none other than Jackie Aina (friend to the blog. Click HERE to read her latest statements about black women in the beauty industry.

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Jackie Aina is perhaps one of the most popular black youtube vloggers in the industry to date. She also recently reached the incredible milestone of 1 million subscribers. You can read about Jackie and this huge achievement HERE.

So Why is Jeffree Star calling our girl out her name? Here’s what had happened…..

On April 28th Jackie uploaded what is known as an anti-haul video.  The “anti-haul” is a trend on Youtube, wherein the beauty guru discusses the products she refuses to purchase and why. Amongst the products mentioned by Jackie were those of Jeffree Star.

Jackie’s reasons for not supporting Star’s brand is simple. Star has been controversial for sometime and has been caught up in several beauty guru beefs, one of them involving the black Guru MakeupShayla

You can read about that beef HERE, but Star called Shayla a cunt, amongst other things and threatened to physically assault her in a now deleted video.

Furthermore, old videos of star using the N word, making fun of Mexicans, and saying “black bitch” resurfaced last year. Check this out:

After seeing these videos, many black beauty lovers have vowed to no longer support his brand. In her anti-haul video, Jackie essentially agreed with the collective, echoing their sentiments, and citing that she could not, in good conscious, support a brand where the ethics and morals of the owner don’t align with her own.

Fast-forward 34 seconds into this video to hear Jackie explain why she’s not effin with Star’s makeup:

While Star did tweet an apology about the videos last year (read about about that HERE), for many of us, the bell cannot be un-rung.

Apparently, Star got wind of Jackie’s video and responded by blocking her on Instagram.

Jackie went on to tweet:

Here was Star’s response:

And Jackie didn’t take it lying down:

By the end of the night Jeffree did what he always does and attempted to “out”  Jackie’s alleged financial problems:

Jackie’s fans jumped to her defense, and Auntie Jackie wasn’t done either:

And while Jackie can certainly fight her own battles, we are not one to leave our own to fend for themselves when it comes to a good dragging. Honorable mention goes to the girls for coming to Jackie’s defense.

That’s all folks, sound off below!


I’m a 30-something, fun loving blogger who enjoys makeup, plus size fashion, and all things girly, glam, and fabulous! I am a naturalista as well as an advocate for paleo eating (AIP). While much of my focus is on beauty, I will be chronicling my weight loss and diet, as well as my natural hair journey. I hope that I can inspire women to give themselves some TLC. Life is so fleeting. We have to remember to take time to enjoy it.

  1. According to Jeffree Star, he blocked Jackie after she “went after” some drama person named PettyPaige or something like that because she used clip from one of Jackie’s videos without asking for permission. After learning that, The subtle shade Here For The Tea threw makes more sense. He gets mad about someone doing that when he did the exact damn thing and allegedly worse last year when everybody and their mama dragged him for filth over the racist comments and just simply bad behavior he has exhibited over the years. Sanders Kennedy said he tried or was responsible, allegedly, for him being fired from his job last year. Now all of a sudden people are supposed to forget that he went after everyone who posted clips from his snapchats, YouTube videos, etc? Now that doesn’t sound fair to criticize someone for something you did last year — you know, before he started playing nice with certain drama channels that is. The Internets don’t forget even after you select “delete” on your posts.
    ShawnTe Pierce recently posted…Why Are People So Distrustful of Popular Beauty Influencers?My Profile

  2. It is such a shame that #beauty “stars” like Jeffery have gained acclaim off the backs of our people and continue to profit doing so,while putting down the same people who helped make him in the first place. I hope this serves as a lesson to the wise to not buy into his semantics any longer.

    Let us always remember that we hold the power in our numbers, so let’s use it to our advantage.

  3. hello lisa, i’m glad you addressed this..once a racist always a racist..cannot change what’s in your heart. Any woman or man of color who gives this crackhead their money deserves whatever he has for them.

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