Beauty Personality, Jeffree Star, Confronts His Racist Past and Apologizes For His Use of Racial Slurs [VIDEO]

A few days ago we gave you the scoop on Beauty personality/cosmetic mogul, Jeffree Star’s beef with fellow Youtube Vlogger, Jackie Aina. You can read about their falling out HERE.

One issue of major contention between the two is Jeffree’s history of using racial slurs, and his overall derogatory attitude toward’s black women. Last year, he got into a twitter battle with another beauty guru, MakeupShayla, and threatened to physically assault her. Read about that HERE.

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Jackie called him out on his behavior, and Star was none-to-pleased:

Jeffree and Jackie’s twitter-beef caused a resurgance of 10-year old videos of Jeffree using racial slurs.

Watch this complication Here:

Jeffree has addressed these videos before. Last year, he apologized on twitter (read that HERE), but collectively, black beauty lovers have felt he needed to do more to publicly address the issue.

Today, he has done just that. Watch HERE:

My thoughts? Eh. Apology accepted, but I’m still not supporting his brand. I don’t know him outside of the fact that he makes and sells pretty makeup and he’s too freely used the N word. I get that it was 10 years ago and he’s changed, and I’m not holding a grudge, but it’s all too much for me. I like my makeup appreciation to be sans drama.

What say you?


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  1. This is not an apology video. This is a poor me now that I have been called out numerous times for my racist rants I am sorry! Girl bye! Continue selling and providing for Trump supporters! Go years without calling people racial slurs and a rat! Then maybe you’ll gain some trust! Move on through actions! Positive one’s!

  2. The video was 2:30 mins in before he even uttered an apology. I couldn’t watch more than 7 mins or so, as it seemed to be all about him and how hard he has had it. He easily forgets he chooses to present himself in this way, black people don’t get the choice of our ethnicity. I wonder how many of his sponsors and advertisers pulled the plug on him before he made this ‘heartfelt apology?

  3. His apology was myopic but I accept for what it is. I don’t think he has it in him to see this through the eyes of others. As long as his old self keeps peeking through I think people will have a hard time believing his apologies. There is a difference between defending yourself and throwing shade and some of the comments he has made. There is a disconnect there still. I wish him well. My coins not coming his way are not going to affect him.
    ShawnTe Pierce recently posted…Jeffree Star Issues Apology on YouTube About His Past Racist CommentsMy Profile

  4. I appreciate Jeffree’s YouTube apology although I feel it is a bit overdue. Considering the fact that he has such a large following on YT, I didn’t understand what took him so long to apologize there. I do believe that people can change and that the things we do in our teens and early twenties can grossly misrepresent the mature adults we can grow to be. I’ll accept his apology and watch for signs of true and heartfelt change. Like you, I’m not running out to buy any of his products anytime soon; however, I did subscribed to his channel after his apology. Baby steps… lol

  5. Very sincere apology. I think people on social media need to stop fighting each other period. From the dragging culture of black twitter to these youtubers beefing it’s gotta stop. It’s exhausting.

  6. NO, he still centered this around himself. We have to stop “apology accepted” and start letting them know-how it’s NOT OKAY. Blaming his “depression” is not an excuse either. I know several ppl with depression, and they don’t act like jerks. He knew what he was doing. PERIOD and does not get a pass.

  7. You are still a piece of shit. Its to late to turn back now. You were born with hate in your heart and you will die with hate speech on your lips. Save your apology for the Lord.

  8. He’s famous now! He’s only apologizing because he’s famous and for his community or agenda that does not look good! If he was not famous he would NOT be apologizing!

  9. I appreciate the apology sir, I think it’s still gonna be a hard sale to our community though because there’s really no way to separate racial slurs as NOT BEING…. well RACIST 😳

    Unfortunately this is going to be your cross to bare, until it’s not. When you hurt a person/group of people you don’t get to determine how hurt they are/ how long it should take to get over it/ that they should get over it/ that they should forgive you; it sucks but this is what accountability, consequences, and repercussions look like. Again I personally accept the apology but I still will not buy your products at this time.
    Because I am not certain of the authenticity of your apology and/or belief system as this can only be evaluated over time….. there’s nothing you ‘can do’ to ‘prove you aren’t racist’ once there’s been behavior to suggest you are. Once you align yourself with that monster the stench always hangs around. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    I wish you BLESSINGS upon BLESSINGS my beautiful darling. ✌🏿💖☀️ #JeffreeStar

  10. I used to buy his makeup, but his drama is too much. YES people can change and be better, but the way he goes about attacking women and people who don’t even attack him is just disgusting. He keeps trying to put out it was 10 years ago when he JUST attacked a woman last week 🙁

  11. I still don’t like, appreciate, or support him. I still don’t accept this apology. I look at it like this; You SAY that you’re sorry but you continue to treat black women who have done nothing wrong to you with disrespect and threats of violence, so your ACTIONS have done more then your words. You say you USE to crave drama and loved the attention, and yet every month your name has popped up in some other brands news feed for one reason or another and rarely is it ever positive.

    He’s a liar and will say what ever he can to get more money in his pockets. As far as I’m concerned he’s still the same old MySpace Jeffree just with new cheek injections.

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