Stylist Who Called Her Client a “Bald-headed Hoe” For Complaining About Customer Service Gets Dragged Straight To Hell And Back

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. I love it for the ease of information, but often hate it for the same reason. Anybody can just log in, gather whatever information they seek, and then publicly share their opinions about anything and everything. This ease of use often results in folks dragging this one or that one for one reason of another. And while I love a good, well-deserved dragging just as much as the next girl, it can  become exhausting. I don’t cover a fraction of the draggings doled out by Black Twitter  because frankly I can’t keep up! But you know what’s  clutch about the interwebs? Having friends who have their eyes on the internet skreets. When my friends alerted me to the public scathing of a hairstylist who goes by the name GEL-Us HAIR Stylez, I wan’t ready.

I promise. I wasn’t ready.

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Here’s what had happened.

GEL-Us HAIR Stylez, posted the following status about one of her clients:

Now this girl came to me with her scalp all greasy.. look at her damn hair.. she wanted lemonade braids and I put her in the door.. this girl gone say I snatched her hair out.. when all the time her hair has jam on it to keep it soft while braiding.. after I had asked on several attempts did she like it & she replied yes even after leaving my chair& paying me. After working 4 hours on her damn head she texted me how she liked her hair. But called me 8 hours later stating her head was hurting and she had took two braids down and it tore her hair. Now mind u jam is placed on the edges and throughout the hair process when braiding.. she only showed what she went home and did after leaving my chair.. this is what bald headed hoes do to discredit you & your work.. these hoes always with the shit..if u scroll down my page u will see my work is very well professional and healthy. This bitch is the only bitch lying and got her hair done and trying to blast me cause she bald headed and her hair was not relaxed and I did this with out a relaxer.. it’s always the cheap broke bald headed stank hoes.. lying.. u see the real.. if you have a problem before leaving my chair or any chair chair hoppers.. it’s always discussed. Before paid services and leaving.

She confidently attached this video and these photos to her status update:

The client, who discovered the hairstylist’s status update posted this response:

This was the style she was promised:
Here’s what the client received:
 And here’s what happens when you think it’s a good look, as a hairstylist, to call your client a “bald-headed hoe”:
When I checked the stylist’s facebook page for reviews, I found this:

And then this…
The best part about the comment section, though? All the hair-braiders using it as an opportunity to shout out their braiding skills.
See for yourself:
For more head over to the comment section HERE.
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  1. I wasn’t ready…
    Give back that baby’s $$.. every cent.
    Props to draggers…lol
    And I found myself a new braider🙃

  2. First of all people must understand that unless the braider did the original style, there will be variations. Secondly, trying to copy someone else’s work is always a hit and miss especially when someone has short hair. It is what it is.

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