Stella & Dot Stylist Review

Stella & Dot Stylist Review

I recently became a Stella & Dot “Stylist.” And so far, I’m loving the opportunity it presents.  I’m going to try to keep this post concise and answer the questions that I know those of you reading will have. So I’m going to treat this post more as an interview, that way, I stay on track.

What is Stella & Dot?

Stella & Dot is a Multi-Level Marketing Company (think, Avon and Mary K), but with a twist. You don’t go door to door (I think that may actually be illegal today), and the company sells jewelry, handbags, wallets, scarves, and tech accessories.

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What is a Multi-Level-Marketing Comapany?

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: You pay a certain amount of money to “get in” so to speak, and once you’re in your job is to sell whatever product that company sells so you can make commission off of those sales. 2. You recruit new salespeople to the company, and you’ll then make a commission off of whatever that person sells, and so on.

Are Multi-Level-Marketing Companies scams?

I get asked that a lot, actually, and no. But you do  have to be smart about joining these kinds of companies. First you have to be sure that the company and the brand speak to you, so that when you ARE selling the product it doesn’t feel like selling. It more so feels like you are simply sharing what you love with the people around you. Since I blog, and youtube, and talk to whomever will listen about my latest favs in fashion, it make sense for me to join a company like this. But I’ll tell you what, I’ve been approached to sell Mary K,  Nerium, Nu Skin, and Micore (which was actually pretty scammy and doesn’t exist anymore), and It Works. And my primary reason for not joining any of those programs was because I couldn’t figure out how I could add it to my life without it causing me to have to do extra stuff.  It really has to fall in line with what you do already. And if you yourself believe in the product and enjoy it, you’ll get a lot out of the experience. If you choose to join any MLM company make sure it fits you and your life. Otherwise, you won’t sell, and you’ll feel as though you have been scammed.

Do you really “OWN your own company if you join Stella & Dot or any other MLM company?

The short answer? No. But that may not be a bad thing. When you own your own company, like I do with ALM Consulting, it’s 100% on you to create branding materials and buzz about your product. It costs money and time  to do that, and lots of it. You have to pay for your own consultants and trainers, and any of the support you need.  With MLM companies like Stella & Dot, all of that is done for you. Your website, customer service, branding, none of that stuff is your problem. So all you have to do is merely go around talking about something YOU enjoy. So it is your own business in that you make your own hours, you can’t be fired, and you decide how much you want to put into it.  And there ARE people, quite a few, who have made it to the top with these companies, making, easy, six or more figures a year. But I don’t get caught up in all that hype because the ones at the top are rare. And for me,  I’m just happy to pull in an extra few hundreds of dollars a month talking about cute jewelry. That’s it.

How much does it cost to become a Stella & Dot Stylist?

It starts at $199, and with that you get your website (for 60 days, after that there is an annual fee), $350 worth of jewelry and/or accessories, and tons and tons of marketing materials.

How do you sell Stella & Dot Products?

The primary method for Stella & Dot Stylists is via what they call “Trunk Shows.” You go to someone’s house, set up a nice table with your samples and brochures, and allow them to try on and “sample” the product. You pass out your card, take orders via an Ipad app, and simply connect with people. The host of your trunk show receives a store credit based on how much is sold at the show.  You, likewise, receive store credit or commission ( you choose which)  based off of sales.  Also, trunk shows are a good way to book more trunk shows. If you’re personable and your set up is pretty enough, someone will likely ask you to bring your display to her next ladies night and so on and so on. You decide how many trunk shows you’d like to do. For now, I’m looking to do 3-4 a month. There are other ways of selling too. I run ads here on my blog, and of  course I’ll do haul videos on youtube to show you guys what I’m liking.

Here are some images of my very first trunk show display as well as some New Stella & Dot Pieces from the Fall 2014 collection:


“Pheonix Pendant”

stella-dot-display-set-up  stella-dot-trunk-show-set-up-example

stella-dot-Amelie Sparkle Bracelet
“Amelie Sparkle Bracelet”

Pouf-Crazy Stripe-stella-dot

“Somervell Necklace”

Now you tell me, doesn’t Stella & Dot just scream my name? Everything is just so cute and girly! i just HAD to jump on board!

Now, this wasn’t an official “trunk show” in that we were hosting en engagement part for my cousin and she was nice enough to allow me to set up a table at her party lol! I know, it sounds bad, but really, you’d be surprised by the number of people who say, “sure.” when you just ask them to support you. You don’t have to be salesy about it or pushy.

Why did you become a Stella & Dot Stylist?

The short answer: Extra money. I’m a full-time working mom, and extra money would help with those high daycare prices. But I’m also a people person, so I like the opportunity to step away from my cubicle, step away from my computer screen and meet people on my own time, on my own terms.  I’m not sure where this will take me, but I’m hoping it will allow me to one day work for myself and completely devote myself to blogging, consulting, and making youtube videos.

How can we reach you about hosting trunk shows or becoming a stylist?


Where can we shop your Stella & Dot Store?

Just click HERE.

For more, feel free to watch my most recent youtube video where i discuss becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist:

Well Hello! My name is Lisa and you’ve stumbled upon my own little corner of the world. I’m a lipstick-loving, high heel junkie, mom, and wife. When I’m not here bringing you the latest in beauty, fashion, hot topics, and bits and pieces of my life with my family, you can find me over on youtube swatching lipsticks and sharing my latest natural hairstyles. Make sure you also follow me on Instagram and Snapchat under my brand name Lisa A La Mode. I’m a real person. I promise.


Well Hello! My name is Lisa and you've stumbled upon my own little corner of the world. I'm a lipstick-loving, high heel junkie, mom, and wife. When I'm not here bringing you the latest in beauty, fashion, hot topics, and bits and pieces of my life with my family, you can find me over on youtube swatching lipsticks and sharing my latest natural hairstyles. Make sure you also follow me on Instagram and Snapchat under my brand name Lisa A La Mode. I'm a real person. I promise.

  1. Oohh congrats on being a Stella & Dot stylist! I knew Chloe+Isabel as a MLM before (do you know them as well?) but it seems Stella & Dot have a lot more to offer concerning products, so you are able to cover much more of your clients’ interests. Well, I should do some research, too – who knows maybe I’ll be a Stella&Dot stylist, as well … someday =D

    Rathana xo

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