Folks Are Dragging Ciara For this Photo From Her Pregnancy Shoot [PIC INSIDE]


Ciara recently bared her belly and shared her family for a beautiful photoshoot with Harpers Bazaar. Click HERE to see the full spread.

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I thought the photos were done in good taste and shows a beautiful, loving, and growing family. But not everyone saw it that way. One picture in particular caused some controversy.


Ciara is seen holding her son, Future, 2 on her bare chest while cradling his naked bottom. Behind her a faceless Russell Wilson holds onto Ciara’s bare belly.

Comedian Lil Duval posted his thoughts, and then radio presenter and television personality Charlamagne, ain’t shit and ain’t never gonna be shit,  “tha God,” gave his two cents:

And others cosigned:

Even Kelly Rowland got caught up in the madness when it was reported that she “Liked” a negative comment about this picture. Rowland cleared up the misunderstanding shortly thereafter:

Others agreed with Kelly’s views and shared positive opinions about the picture:

Share your thoughts below!

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. I loved the picture of Ciara, Russell & Future. The v1st thing I thought of was how we pick our kids up from the bathtub. How her husband is standing behind her as he is raising another man’s child, while he holds on to his own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, pure Beauty to me.

  2. God above see and know what this women went through because like many women loved the wrong man and I believe that is why he raised her out of that bad situation and brought her now husband in her and her son’s life. She gave many good women who made bad choices hope that God will sent mr right in his own time and he will love us and our children unconditional. I love the picture and see nothing but love when I look at it, so much so that my heart warms a little with happiness for a fellow woman. Many people especially out men wanted her to remain a statistic and stayed a “baby mama” and struggle to comprehend that they aren’t as good as they say or pretend to be because they would never marry a woman in Ciara situation not much raise another man child and that is exactly what the world is so mess up. Because people just love their own and no one else and the sooner we change our ways the better this world will be for everyone especially OUR CHILDREN who deserve to be loved not just by their parents but the whole world.

  3. Reading some of these comments, it’s not surprising how children become victims of child pornography & victimization. Common sense should prevail. Little Future is not an infant, whereas that would be acceptable, he’s a two year old who should’ve had on underwear. I don’t think the issue is that he’s laying against his moms bare breadt, moreso than his naked bottom is exposed with his step dads hands close. If a bare chested father was holding his naked two year old daughter in the same way, there’s no question people would be admonishing the pic. Double standards just bcuz Ciara procreated with an ” unsuitable ” person, stop it.

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