Kim Whitley Says Women Need to Shut Up If They Want To Keep A Man

Actress and comedienne, Kym Whitley, was a guest on the daytime talk show The Real where she appeared to drop some “knowledge” on how to not just get a man, but also how to keep one.

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Kym is currently dating around and playing the field collecting “research” to pass along to all her single friends she told The Real hosts. She has gathered some intel and found something out about keeping a man. Ready?

Kym said this:

“Women need to learned how to shut up


If you shut your mouths men love to talk about themselves. And if you’re really quiet you will find out everything about a man in about 30 seconds”

Kym goes on to say we as women spend too much time talking. We women need to let the man speak, we need to sit back and giggle. Kim also suggests don’t take your wig off until after a man says ‘I love you’.

Kym sill hasn’t found the right one yet. So don’t forget Kym, keep your wig on and kept your mouth shut. 

Watch the segment HERE:

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I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. What is this foolishness?!! Reminds me of ye olden days when women had to keep silent so that men wouldn’t find out that we had more than a few brain cells and they would be repulsed. Really? Does anyone want that type of man?

  2. Great point Kim…Ive got a great man…been married to a long time. My mother taught me the same thing. Men don’t want a know it all, mouthy woman. If you take it down a level and let him do more of the talking he will inquire more about you and eventually you will get your story out there. I was a stay at home Mom, my husband took excellent care of us and our home, appreciates all I do for our family and now since my kids are grown I take care of the home and he takes care of me. As a black female I understand that a man’s home is his castle and he wants a queen who is available to him and I dont mind being that listener and quiet love he needs when he comes home from traveling and just needs his woman. He treated me like a Queen first…so then I was able to treat him like the King he is. He had to show me first what he wanted and what he was about and then I found him worthy so we got married. He is very successful in his business and I have had an awesome life and could have worked if I wanted too but he never wanted me to feel stressed out with the world and made our home a beautiful retreat for our family. He made enough to take care of us all so why just work ourselves to death then neither of us would be good for one another. He would rather be the breadwinner and let me take the ride because he knows women are more delicate than men. I believe in being sweet and kind to my king, my provider, my Love. He has never failed me.

  3. Don’t agree I have been married for eleven years and my husband gets nervous when I am quiet during any conversation. Weak men only want a woman who is about nothing. There is a difference between being completely quiet and actually listening and learning. A conversation is when you talk and someone responds and we both listen.

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