Juanita Bynum Says Women Who Don’t Wear Pantyhose In Church Are “Hoes Who Will Just Lift Up Their Dresses And…”

Juanita Bynum is an American Pentecostal televangelist, author, actress and gospel singer. She also likes to be referred to as a Prophetess. You would think with such titles she would accepting of all God’s creatures, but that’s not the case. In the video in question,  Juanita goes on a rant about women in the church. Here are a few quotes:

The women of God in this hour doesn’t want to put on clothes and I don’t know why. What is it? Because we have enough money to buy titties?!”

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Women in church can easily call deacon into the corner, lift up her dress, and let him “hit it” right then and there”

We’re are the Christians and we lookin’ like hoes”

I’m here clutching my crucifix!

She is up in arms ya’ll! She goes on about how she doesn’t understand women who can lead worship wearing inappropriate strappy shoes.

“I can’t even get to the concept of somebody preaching and leading praise and worship with no stocking on. With thongy, stringy shoes on with your legs all greased up. What kind of message are you are trying to send us? Because to me, that look like somebody that got a hoe spirit”

Watch  a clip of the video here:

Is she against body lotion? Don’t grease up your legs, ladies! Come as you are, ashy and all. So no more strappy shoes. Slip on your penny loafers!

In truth, this rant speaks to a broader issue within the African American community and the church. Some may say that the church is not a place of healing, but a place of judgement. We’re not above dress codes, but in the absurd scenario Juanita proposes, where is the admonishment for the Deacons who might willingly engage in sexual activity with these women?

Get comfy and grab yourself a drink (maybe even some liquor)  because the full video is about an hour long. While you’re there be sure to read the comments from folks co-signing on the rant. God be with you.

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. What is wrong with this judgemental woman? Can poor people in the 3rd world afford stockings and pumps.
    Complete with pumps.

    1. You know what Ms. Bynum that has got to be the most rediculas thing I have ever heard, It is people like you that cause people to not want to come to church. Instead of condemning these ladies have you tried to talk to them? Have you prayed for them? I would not dare place judgement on any lady or any one for that matter. You said something about a lady pulling her dress up and letting the man hit it right there but you failed to say anything about the man. It seems to me that you have forgotten that you have not always been saved and dotted every i and crossed every t. Least we forget!!! Before you throw stones at anyone get the beam out of your own two eyes you aught to be ashamed of yourself to say the least…

        1. I watched the video (took me a day or two because it was long) but she Stated she wasn’t speaking to people who have never been to church or to whom God is a new concept, but to ppl that’s been in church that should know how to dress appropriately for church service. She was said “come as you are, not stay as you are” some things I agree and some I don’t. Chew the meat and spit out the bones.

          1. I agree..Church clothes,should not be Club clothes.Just.Like Work Clothes aren’t Club clothes..When you have more Respect for your Work Dress. But won’t Honour God with your best Dress…its may be the reason God won’t honour you with his Best

          2. She is still awful and overly judgemental. Jesus didn’t care what his followers wore. He went to the most humble and downtrodden. They didn’t even have pantyhose and pumps back then. Plus, there are much bigger problems that need to be talked about.

          3. There you go…..Tani…..The real meaning..come ad you are…is in regard to your heart. Some and alot think their too messed up to come to GOD (JESUS) that’s what THE LORD IS REFERRING TO…..HE WILL FIX THE HEART…YOUR WAYS…..YOU JUST COM ON!!!

          4. I am a regular church goer and in the summer there are times I don’t wear pantyhose and I am certainly not a how I feel more comfortable without them. It is time for the church people to quit being judgemental and win souls to Christ. Shame on you Juanita for this nonsense.

          5. I disagree with that.throw out the entire meat with the bones.If cancer is in the bones, the meat is infected also.

      1. I agree! Has she looked in the mirror lately? As soon as her bank account grew, she “fixed” everything on her that she could! Let’s not forget how she conducted herself during her public engagement, marriage and divorce. “Clean around your own front door Juanita!”


        1. This is true but what other points were she making? I hope this was not just the only point she was making. It’s gotta be more to this statement.


      2. Juanita Bynum was talking about women who are worship leaders and in worship teams
        Their focus should be to lead the church in worship. How will men be able to focus on Jesus if the worship team is displaying their body parts instead of displaying the Glory of God. A worship leader can be a beautiful woman of God, but lets not be ignorant when it comes to sexual temptation.

    2. If god called here to preach then thats what she needs to be doing…from her story of her husband beating her…maybe she was dressing like that..hmmmmm She gone preach then tell it all.. I rather here her sing she do that right?…This just took me over who iS SHE to judge

      1. If she was a true Prophet if Gid, I would think she could have seen the assault coming….miss me with that Juanita and climb back in the sheets since you want to be judgmental

    3. What the hell is going on with our So call religious leaders. I haven’t seen a woman wear a pair of panty hose to church in 20 years! This has nothing to do with god or loving god or being a good person. This is why I truely love and believe in god but I hate religion. Must of these religious leader are just a bunch of 2 faced crooks that take advantage of the followers.

  2. Well here is my two cents. I don’t think she was trying to kick people out of the church. In her own way, she was trying to call to the carpet women in leadership positions who should be more modest in their dressing. I was at a job seminar that had nothing to do with church and the woman was explaining how woman should not go to work bare legged if they want men to see them as more than a sex object. In summary, it is the responsibility of that leader to present the best God like image she or he can so that people won’t be distracted and miss the real message. Jesus saves. Shalom

    1. I have to disagree with you on this one, clothes don’t make you a women of God. Yes let’s not dress like we are going to the club, but some of these new saints need to be taught what to wear and not preach how god doesn’t see you as his child because of your wardrobe. Really the church was once a sanction that housed the the weak, the worried, the confused, now it a place of judgement, and distorted views, let get off our soap boxes, and use the soap to cleanse our spirits.

      1. Her message wasn’t geared towards the new saints or babes in christ. She was talking about the ministers, those who have been trained in christian leadership. She was explaining that some of their attire was not of God. And I agree. If you are called to the ministry, you can’t dress any kind of way. You are representing the Kingdom of God.

        1. I think you really getit. You see, I, too used to dress like that in church and I had people say things that ran me away, but.God’s word says ‘If God be for you, nobody can pluck you out of his hand’! Well, with time and through prayer, I finally Gotit! I guess there isn’t any harm inverbalizing about it because it works like a seed, once it is planted, in time, with a little water, it will take root and grow. That’s my take on it!

      2. I agree,,,I’m sorry but what the hell does pantyhose have to do with letting a man hit it,,, if ur going to do such an act,,,, hell pantyhose is the easiest thing to rip into,,, I’m surprised at her remark about it,,; bc of all that dam mud she puts on her face,,, THERE WILL BE NO AVON,,, MAX,,, IN HEAVEN,,,.,,the Bible does say:
        WHO SO EVER WILL LET HIM COME. We are so quick to condem ppl instead of lifting them up. What about the men letting their pants hang around their ass,,, will it make it any more easier for them to whip it out?

    2. Best response… There is a standard that women of God need to live by… She was addressing the ones who know better.

    3. Those who endorse juanita bynum is either a novice or unsaved. Jesus says to try the spirit by the spirit. If you have the Holyghost, it would be clear to you that juanita bynum does not. Juanita bynum is self proclaimed and self appointed. Her name is absent from the Lambs Book of Life.

      1. The Bible does NOT say to try the Spirit by the Spirit.

        But, the Bible does say, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;”

        By these comments, we see that what was written is true in many cases. Try sacrificing the ” hoeish” wardrobe for the sake of The Gospel, for the witness of Christ. You may find that God will reward your obedience in ways you could never imagine possible.

    4. I’m sorry, but stockings can’t take you to heaven or hell. Why is it an issue about what’s under a woman’s dress? This wasn’t her tune while she was writing “Teach me how to love you” with a man that was kicking her butt.

    5. I wholeheartedly agree with you Marina. That is exactly what she was doing. The world cannot begin to understand the things of God. She was giving a word of correction to especially to women in The Body of Christ who are in leadership, therefore, are not novice in their Christian walk.

    6. What does bare legs have to do with God and salvation JESUS if we don’t get our perception right who worried about stocking or no stocking are you saved

    7. As a woman of God called to minister the Gospel she has a responsibility to handle God’s children with care. A bit of tact, compassion and love is required. It is easier to accept correction when it’s done in love without condemnation.

    8. Sooo… wearing panty hose in the workplace will cause men in the workplace to respect me and not wearing panty hose to church means I have lost respect for myself? In 2017, makes no sense to me…come as you are…

  3. Women without pantyhose, I don’t think all are hoes. However, if leaders allow the attire to reflect a harlot, perhaps that’s what they are looking for. A leader going in the corner to hit, has issues. Perhaps corruption is through the whole body. Smite the shepherd and the sheep will follow. Formality does work either. More teaching of God’s love, self love should make all the difference. I’ve never read were Jesus showed up and no one was convicted.

    1. Right! It is not about being a hoe! I can’t believe the church thinks that teaching like this is acceptable and that it trains anyone to do anything…some stuff ….there was a time I couldn’t afford panty hose and no one was on a corner trying to hit it…please!

    2. Hoe that’s what’s wrong with the church now a days and why the youth keep coming and going from the synagogues…judgmental hoes like you, smh! Don’t forget you have a past!!!

  4. That’s so absurd. You can find the Lord with nothing on but your beautiful black skin. She is not judge and jury. She must be still worried about the hoe whom didn’t wear hose and took her man. Next she will be talking about all women that come to church without a man are hoes. Panty hose are not for everyone. I don’t like them and I’m not a hoe. I do prefer fish nets and tights. I guess she has a negative about that too.

    1. Yes I agree there either rolling down or ripping or even itching I think get less attention without them but most of all I’m not in church to worry about my stockings or finding a man I’m there to focus on the Lord.

      1. That is certainly he truth! I come to church to worship, not worry about pantyhose. And if she is supposed to be living by GOD’S word, she should no better then to be judging anybody irregardless of what they do or wear for that matter.

  5. Common sense will tell u that it has got to be three things either the woman has no respect for herself walking around the church with no underwear and miniskirts or thong.Or doesnt know how to dress at all. She may be looking for a hot date in church. Maybe wants to turn the church into a club, could be she needs some kind of help been molested or abused and thinks thats normal. I have had many hardships but knew not to come to church dressed like that. Its got to be a reason. Could be she wants a good man but doing things the wrong way. Misguided.

  6. I agree with her! You are supposed to have discernment and leave childish things behind. How could someone differentiate between the worldly woman and the woman of God?

    If she hit a nerve then guess what, she IS talking to YOU.

    1. It does not hit a nerve because she is talking about me or anyone I know…it hits a nerve because somethings are generalized and not true of all situations. I am a pastor who wears panty hose in 100 degree weather…but to call women hoes who don’t wear panty hose and who wear a certain type of underwear is a little over the top.

      1. Well you’re out of line yourself for calling yourself a pastor..God never ordained women to be leaders in church. And although Ms Bynum is although false prophet, she is certainly correct on all she says although women..But you foolish stubborn women refuse rebuke. She is not talking about ALL women, she is talking about those who dress inappropriately for attention and the church is full of harlots, you should know this yourself..God most certainly does have a standard of dress for His women and that is to dress Holy!!

        1. You are absolutely correct, God is Holy and if any of them who has something negative to say then they should revert back to the scriptures, He is Holy and to be in His presence you should want to present your self in His presence remember where in scripture where is says that you had to be clean and without blemish, it speaks about when the High priest went in how their garments had to be a certain way and how they tied I can’t think of the correct name for it but it was tied abound their waist so that when they entered if they were not cleaned and tried to enter the dropped dead and they were pulled out,bottom line is He is the Holy of Holies I cannot go in to church dressed half necked no no no,

      2. I agree!!! I don’t wear pantyhose, they’re uncomfortable, and I am a praise and worship leader, and DEFINITELY NOT A HOE!!! I also wear long dresses and low heel sandals, no heels, bad knees!!! But I do understand about the skin tight dresses and thongs, it’s ridiculous!!! But, if a deacon goes in the corner to “hit it” nothing was going to stop him anyway, that’s just what he wanted to do!!!!

    2. Through, their actions. Clothing does determine a person’s purpose or assignments. It is this type of judgemental attitude that has many people turning away from Christianity. The God that I serve tells me that I am to love my sisters and brothers WITH OUT judgement. I am to nurture and teach them in his ways., not rudicule and admonish. My judgement is a reflection of my shortcomings not theirs. Let’s get it together christians!

      1. I Dont think she is talking about new converts. She is speaki g on seasoned women in leadership positions that should be setting a Godly standard.

    3. You and juanita need to repent of your sinful ways and ask the Lord to save you from an eternal Hell. You are as catnal as she.

    1. 1 Timothy 2:9-15
      Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works. Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; …

      1. I see a lot of braids weaves gaudy apparel and jewelry. Please don’t take one scripture and try to justify this. I remember when we didn’t wear anything sleeveless then Mrs Obama came on the scene and now it’s acceptable. I don’t wear pantyhose in the summer and I am not hoe but then I guess it would take one to know one.

  7. Judge NOT. Really. Pantyhose. Consider the source. Uplifting, enhancing and embracing. Name calling, degrading is just petty for a woman of GOD.

  8. I saw the video and I actually didn’t see anything wrong with the #TRUTH being brought to the carpet.

    I believe her aim was towards the women leaders in the church. As a Leader, we should always be an example. So if you are standing before the men and women of God, looking like you can leave the Pulpit and stand on a street corner then, that’s a problem.

    As a Leader, in any setting you should always stand out and folks should be able to identify you as such.

    But if you walking around looking like the world, then you’re not ready.

    Besides, if you can buy a short skirt then you can buy a long skirt, if you can buy lotion you can buy stocking and if you can buy a tight shirt with you’re boobs popping out then you can buy a loose shirt that buttons up.

    There is no excuse for women in leadership to stand before the childten of God not fully clothed. Why would she want the attention? I’m sure she looked in the mirror and God told her that it was not appropriate, but the fact that her capturing the attention from men while she standing in the Pulpit, is very much a Hoe spirit 🙂

    It is what it is and I agree with Sister Juanita

    1. I agree with you 109 0/0 i can remember when i was going to church with my mother and geandmother women of god and it could be 200 degreeds on they jad on stocking and bottom up dresses with nothing to satsify the man or woman and just many ne the way on how she is speaking to women thats getting them upset

    2. Well said!! I agree!!
      Juanita keep preaching this message, it is much needed. Some messages are not going to received well because it cuts. Hopefully it will convict and create change. #intimaterelationshipwiththeLord

    3. People clearly don’t understand, I’m glad you do. She’s talking about the women of God in ministry that’s been in church for a long time that should know how to dress appropriately for church. She’s NOT TALKING about people who are new to church or can’t afford to buy appropriate clothing for church. She’s talking to the Godly women that KNOW BETTER!!

  9. Ms. Bynum, I hope this is fake News. However, if not, find your personal opinion in the Bible. Fact is you won’t. So if it isn’t the report of the Lord it is just ignorant. (Like of knowledge) Study the word of God before reporting and messing up someone who may not know the Word of God. Panty hose is man made and a personal choice/preference.

  10. That whole scenario is out of order. I thought that’s what black church might still be grappling with. I guess it takes a hoe to know hoe plays, straight out of the hoe players book. Clean up the inside and the outside wull follow. Besides a heart change, I suppose it’s going to cost some money to buy a wardrobe change, especially if lives are changing and are no longer accepting the hoe tax. How about putting your money where your mouth is and opening a free closet to people in need of a new stylish, modest wardrobe? How bout da?

    1. Lol, or give back the ppl there tithe money that they take to buil your big houses. Why do they the preachers, live so large, in Mansions, have a helicopter their own planes they need to check them selves before judging their members

  11. You probably should shut up while you’re ahead. You sound very much like an air head. Stocking s don’t mean modesty and the lack their of don’t mean hoes. Preference ms byn. Preference. I

  12. You probably should shut up while you’re ahead. You sound very much like an air head. Stocking s don’t mean modesty and the lack their of don’t mean hoes. Preference ms byn. Preference. Woman of “God” why have you pattern the world? Why is your covering shaved oh wait you must have missed that requirement. Woman of God why are you painted?

    1. Come as you are. With that frame Of mind she is dangerous. What women would bave sex in a corner in church. Her mind is warped. Maybe shes done that before.
      She’s suppose to be a woman of God but she here calling people hoes! What about her own skeletons! Very judgemental. If you came to church with ashy legs she’d still judge you! Thong strappy shoes? Ridiculous!

  13. If that be the case, then women can wear pantyhose with the crotch cut out and no one would be the wiser. And I have seen her wearing pumps!!! So what’s the difference if women wear the strappy ones or the 5 inch ones. How the woman carries herself in the shoe can POSSIBLY determine if she is a whore or not. A shoe is a shoe! It’s not the shoe on the woman, IT’S THE WOMAN IN THE SHOE!!!

  14. I don’t wear pantyhose or dresses so does that mean I’m a lesbian? This broad statement is not only offensive it is ridiculous. Good news is we don’t have to go through YOU or your foolish thoughts to get to Jesus!!

  15. I mean…but I know some hoes who wear pantyhose….*sips tea* I know some deacons who are hoes too. It’s not like wearing clothes makes somebody who’s out here sharing their naughty bits any less….generous…lol! *sips more tea*

  16. Panythose has nothing to do with holiness. Jesus wore sandals. We are to bring people to Christ and let them have a relationship with God. Let God convict people and not people.

  17. I would recommend listening to the whole video. There is something to be said about modesty in the pulpit. You should not be a distraction. If you are in the pulpit, and being a leader, we should see your walk and the holy spirit and not seeing your breasts or behind. It’s a distraction. I don’t get the pantyhose reference but I do understand what she is saying about not being a distraction. Men are visual and we should not be wearing tight and revealing clothing….especially when we are trying to get believers and non-believers to see the Christ in us. Just my $0.02.

  18. The way you look does not testify whats in your heart. When you minister you must come from the word. While speaking read the scripture verses. Do not just sit there and talk. Now I do agree if you are in a place of authority in the sanctuary you must fall in line with dress code and the spiritual code (inner). With that being said, when wimen come to church half dressed that are not born again, allow the most High to work on their inner before you attack their outter.

  19. She puts others down to make herself look and feel better. She stands on the pulpit not to enrich or lift others up there with her, but to push others down, to make herself look taller and more powerful. That’s why she says such things, and casts aspersions on other women based solely on whether or not they are wearing pantyhose, of all things! Pantyhose don’t show what’s in a person’s heart and soul, or how good or bad they are. And judging a person’s worth based on appearance or clothing is a mark of shallowness and a sure sign of a lack of empathy. Perhaps she should practice what she preaches: ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’ . It’s up to God to judge people’s worth, not hers. There is nothing in the Bible about pantyhose. She is practicing the sin of pride if she thinks she knows God’s word better than the Bible does. Besides, if pantyhose were a sure sign of good character, why do so many people put them over their heads when they commit armed robberies? 😉

  20. This is why ppl don’t like going to church any more, but if u can’t tell the differences between Christians n regular ppl, isn’t it the same when it comes on to the music being song n played in the church. I don’t know weather I’m in church or at a hip hop/rap, r n b concert. The dance is no different either. Times have change sister girl, the only thing u can do is pray about it, take it to the lord in prayer, cuz this aint going to help.

  21. I know some of the commenter and readers think Juanita Bynum is off base. That her words hurt more than help. I can tell you this from my own personal experiences, she is not that off base. I was apart of a church where the first lady bragged about not wearing underwear to church and sitting with her legs open for her husband. Yes, it’s her man, but other men were around who, even of they didn’t want to, could get the same view. Short skirt on tall stages can lead to an eye full taking minds off the worship of God. Juanita was focusing on the leadership not so much the church members. Most ladies don’t even know what a lap cloth is. Holiness should lead to enlightenment not aroused sexual state.

  22. Lord bless her soul. She needs help. There is a lot of issues going on there. Who in their right mind would go there. Oh, she may have, and don’t want someone to make her mistake. People pray for

  23. If thats the case.. Then YOU yourself need to come to church without other peoples hair on…make-up eye lashes ect. When i go to church i have seen men and women in Jeans…that does not bother me. Ive seen pastors in jeans preaching and that doesnt bother me. Frankly this is bs at its best. Being a Moorish American we dress modest… Most of us are natural. We. Have gone back to how our foremothers and forefathers way of dress…maybe she needs ro look into that.

  24. I watched the entire video and as a minister and a pastor’s wife, I can’t say I heard anything that i disagreed with. I belueve she was referencing women in ministry, in leadership positions setting the standard of not letting your good be evil spoken of. Truth is the church needs to have highrr standards when it comes to our dress code. God holds his people, especially those of us called to preach the gospel to a higher standard. No, not wearing stockings neither makes you a hoe or a saint but too much skin showing could give a struggling believer the wrong impression. We should shun the very appeatance of sin. The message of Christ gets lost in translation if men and women are being distracted by our bodies. I believe sis bynum’s intentions wete well but I may have used a bettet choice of words. The refetence to stockings or the lack thereof and stilettos, short tight dresses & the like in reality nan be the wardrobe of a particular kind of woman. As women of God we should strive to not be confused with anyrhing but a virtuous woman of God and sadly we live in a world where our attire can reflect otherwise. Its all aboyt love people of God

  25. This is y Ppl Dnt go to church, judgemental supposed 2 b Christians. Always lookn for attn and/a headline. We serve a GOD who loves us every1 duz nt hv2 wear pantyhose etc to worship GOD the more Ppl gt their own relationship wit GOD they will b able to discern mess. It says beware of false prophets right?? Food 4 thought

  26. Did any of you bother to watch the teaching? Or did you just take what she said, he said and run with it?

    Doesn’t that make you guilty of what you are accusing JB of?

    This was a teaching on the Word of God from the woman of God for the people of God.

    This article, as well as the video clip, has taken what JB taught out of context. You can either spend an hour watching the teaching and learn something or you can continue to be deceived.

    Preach, teach on JB! God bless you!

  27. I agree that you cannot come to church inappropriate, there was a time when the mother’s of the church would pull us aside and help us understand when our attire was inappropriate, remember those hankerchiefs we put over our knees when our skirts were too short. I don’t agree with the stockings but it seems she is grieved in her spirit about how women of the church is dressing, I don’t want to see tits in church either during praise and worship, decorum is a minimum. You might not like her delivery, but she is telling the truth.

  28. I love Her testimony! How she was saved from drugs and a sinful life style . “I had a praying grandmother!”
    That’s one of my favorite testimonies .
    It changed my life!❤️️

  29. How dare anyone make a bold faced statement like that!
    Thats like me saying” it takes one to no one”, !
    Allow the Ruach hakedesh to convict and reprove….you dont know a persons story!

  30. Firstly, I watched the video that this article is written about. Before you ALL make such comments watch the video for yourselves. YES, she did make the comment about women wearing pantyhose to church, however, when you “study” scripture for yourself then you will know what to listen to and receive or not. I personally don’t wear pantyhose and I’m filled with God’s love.

  31. There is a time and place for everything, a right and a wrong way to handle situations, a way to bring people to God and a way to push people away. This “rant” was exactly the thing to push people away. I am a member of the C.O.G.I.C, and yes there is a dress code to a certain degree, especially for older saints, mother’s board, missionary etc. Most wear long dresses, stocking, slips and covered shoes. That’s great for them, and also their choice, many have been raised that way. The problem is that many haven’t been. I for one hate stockings, and if its summer yes you may even see me with sandals on, however you will NEVER see me in the corner with a decon or even a choir boy. It’s Ridiculous to even say such mess! See people run to the church for something they don’t get from the outside world, that’s a word from God, Salvation,Peace and Love. Some of the things said by Ms. Bynum, they can hear any day of the week in the streets. Outer Appearance has NEVER shown if someone has God in their heart, or a desire to serve the Lord. Be blessed

  32. I have read all of you comments, to my surprise even a pastor, but I don’t seen any scripture with any comments. First I would like to apologize to all men and women who was offended by Juanita Bynum ranting. When Jesus rose he met with the disciples, He asked Peter three (3) times did he love Him, if so “Feed My lambs”, “Tend My “sheep”, “Feed My Sheep” John 21: 15-17. We need to be care of leadership God also tells us in James 3:1-2 My brethren, “let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgement. 2. “If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Juanita Bynum.

    Secondly, First Timothy 2:2-12 teaches us differently; James chapter 2 tells us about personal favoritism; and First Peter 3: 3-4. Many people in the church have hurt and cost God people to stumble. The people of the church doesn’t belong to the Pastor’s they belong to God. Jesus is the chief (head) shepherd, First Peter 5:1-4. The Holy Word of God tells us in Second Timothy 2:15 Study to show thy self approved to God (not man), a worker who does not need to be ashamed, ( whether you wear pantyhose or not), rightly dividing the word of truth. Please get to know God for yourself, stop allowing people to teach you their way and not teaching God’s way.

  33. Raynell,

    For you to say you agree with Juanita Bynum please explain First Timothy 2:9 -12 to me and the rest of the people on this post. First Timothy 2:9-13 says, 9. In like manner also, that the woman adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation not with braid hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, 10. But, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works. 11. Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. 12. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but be in silence. 13. For Adam was formed first, then Eve.

    Please explain James 2: 2-10 which says, 2. For if there should come into your assembly a man with gold rings, in fine apparel, and there should also come in a poor man in filthy clothes, 3. And you pay attention to the one wearing the fine clothes and say to him, “You sit here in a good place, ” and say to the poor man, “You stand there,” or, “Sit here at my footstool,” 4. Have you not shown partiality among yourselves, and become judges with evil thoughts? 5. Listen, my beloved brethren: Has God not chosen the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him? 6. But you have dishonored the poor man. Do not the rich oppress you and drag you into the courts? 7. Do they not blaspheme that noble name by which you are called? 8. If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you do well; 9. But if you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressor. 10. For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.

    First Peter 3:3-4 says, 3. Do not let your adornment be merely outward – arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel – 4. Rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.

    Raynell, don’t be so quick to take sizes at least not until you know what the word of God says. We hurt people and try justify it by saying they are ministers; we must remember we are Christ like and if it doesn’t reflect Christ don’t believe it because we have so many people preaching to itching ears. Please read the Holy word of God for yourselves.

  34. OK so my dad was a COGIC Pastor, he gave the church up after the 1st lady my mother died of cancer. So we’re labeled as preacher’s kids. Our after was very strict. Out of 5 children not one of us, have ever been to jail, a strip club, had any drug addiction. Failed a drug test or ran around loosely. Out of four girls and a boy, three of us are married with children, and have been for now over 20 plus years. My other two siblings are single with no children. They aren’t chasing no man, ait no man chasing them. Now I will say they are bring heavily persuaded by church pastors and Bishops sons. Only because they know the stern handle of how we were raised. The clincher, none of my sisters but one of them wear panty hose. That doesn’t define that individual. Juanita your dead wrong on this one.

  35. It is clear to me by some of the comments that some people didn’t watch the video,and some only watched a part.I agree with her that there must be a standard,and she made it clear that she wasn’t talking about new Christians.I too am concerned about how some Christian women carry themselves.What Ms Bynum was is of no concern to me,because God changes people.

    1. Some of her language was coarse. She could have been a little softer. But in general I agree with her. There is a way women of God should adorn themselves least they be found to a distraction to their own message.

  36. um, what happend to judge not lest be judge? Sounds like this is an example of what happens when you judge. It’s unbelievable. I used to like her but over the last few years she just went crazy. I pray she gets some help with her judgements

  37. She Right!!!!
    The church has become so much like the world it is hard to decipher who is serving God and who just left the club. There is no dress code for church however there are certain people with certain spirits that your wardrobe should not attract. And it’s a distraction from the word of God when people are focused on what u have on other than the purpose of being in church. I completely agree with what she is saying 100%. There is no distinctive appearance of Holiness in the church anymore. Think about the people that come in church with Lustful spirits. Think about the People who have certain fetishes and are not fully saved. U have to draw those people in and lead them to God. And they can’t be lead to God if Women are looking like the Club that the sinners just left.. No she is not judging. Its just simple truth and I am guilty of ALOT of things that she speaks about in this video. And I know someone gon bring out that “The Bible says Come as you are” and that may be all u have.. But As u begin to fully seek God, rightfully divide the word of truth according to 2Timothy 2:15, and decide to truly live Holy, conviction of the Holy Spirit comes to Rest Rule and abide with in you and doing right starts to set it. At that point, u will want to look act and dress the part. But we have, as church people, strayed SO FAR from how the older generation taught us, its ridiculous!!! Now calling them Hoes… That went too far because u have to be the change u want to see.. But the same grace that was sufficient enough for her to change is available for EVERYONE once you stop leaning to your own understanding and acknowledge God according to Proverbs 3:5

  38. WOW! I can hardly take this woman serious…maybe it is YOU that the LESBIAN spirit hasn’t been purged from and that is the reason for all this havoc…I’m starting to think she needs another mental eval…Juanita get a hold of yourself…PLEASE!

  39. She is not talking to women that come looking for a breakthrough, she is talking about those women that want to get in the pulpit and dress like GOD has not delivered them from their carnal ways. We all know that men are open books and women can rule the world if they do it correctly.
    If a woman is trying to give me a word from GOD and she is dressed inappropriately in the pulpit, I will not be looking for a word just like the men won’t be looking for a “word”. They will be looking for something else.
    I know you all have seen the too short skirt, the tight wrap dress with no spanx, or the too high heels with the booty tooted up in the air. Please sisters!!! Don’t comment like you don’t know what Juanita is talking about?!?!

    Don’t bring up her very public engagement, wedding, and divorce. That has nothing to do with what this sister is talking about. LET US ALL CHECK OURSELVES BEFORE WE WRECK OURSELVES. INCLUDING ME.
    The Elder women are to teach the younger women…Let’s get it together because black women are always on the bottom of the totem pole, and now I can see why with some of your posts.

  40. I am far from a hoe and can’t TELL you the last time I even bought a pair of stockings. What a ridiculous judgment and assessment to make. She lost all credibility with me long ago – but should we be worried about her? She might need her head examined. I pray for us all in hopes that we can really experience God and move beyond foolishness like this. There are sooooo many broader and deeper issues people are dealing with…and she’s talking about stocking and shoes with straps? Really?

  41. I will only say that she has said she doesn’t need anyone to defend her.. The church leaders must have standards. We elders in church men and women according to what’s in the book of Titus is told what we should be doing.. Sometimes we are the only Bible someone may see.. I want all to see God in me…You must be able to differentiate…God Bless.

  42. Oh no this Bitch didn’t! She need to explain what made her break up the knowles marriage? What da hell she do to take Matt from Tina? Also when she gonna stop false prophesying to people in the church? That hypocrite black bitch need her ass whooped in the church dragged by her fake ass weave and beat da hell out of her at the altar. The branded with an A on her bear bosom. Then thrown out the church tar and feathered with her hoe-ish Sunday best.


  43. This is just one of the millions of reasons I gave up religion and especially Christianity Too many Hypocrites and too much hypocrisy. Too many judgmental rules and contradictions that distract people from finding their purpose, knowing God for themselves and most importantly thinking for themselves. I’ve never supported and believed anything Juanita Bynum preaches ever since I heard her speak over twenty years ago, about how she once was so broke that she had to use paper towels or napkins during her monthly cycle and now she is weary Versace. Her message to me has always been about materialism and superficial beauty. When she got engaged, she told women that a man does not love you if he can’t buy you an expensive wedding ring. While I hate to put a sister down, but false and pretentious women like this is what the African-American churches today are all about. And there are so many women who think, live, and lie like Juanita Bynum.

  44. I grew up in that pentecostal cult. They are all brainwashed. They are so inconsistent. Things that used to be a sin when I was in that cult is no longer a sin. For that reason they need to shut up and sit down.

  45. i am a Christian woman and as I see it I agree with Juanita most of you who think it ok is full of sin and need to repent. Come as you are but don’t stay as you are was the topic. Most of you didn’t even listen but you are comment on the headline that’s is the problem with this generation I pray that we are ready for not what Juanita said but what God is going to do when he returns.

  46. I’m astonished at the DISRESPECT I’ve read in a lot of these comments. Now, I clearly understand why GOD made Dr. Bynum give us such a STRONG and NEEDED word for our seasoned women in leadership. A lot of our churches have lost the much needed role of “Church Mothers” our Church Mother’s would correct, rebuke and tell you to “go sit your butt down somewhere” when we no longer upheld a standard in our spirit, one of which could be evidenced in our attire, for most of us, our Grandmother’s held our attire to the exact same standard. The body of Christ can’t stand rebuke, we don’t want to be corrected and when we are…as Christians we respond in ways that go against GODs Word? At the very least (1 Chronicles 16:22) KJV “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm”. If we can respond to a Prophet of GOD in this way, then clearly we’ve allowed our moral standards in more areas than our attire to become questionable.

  47. Jesus told a man that it is permitted to divorce his wife if she has been unfaithful. I think only if she is unfaithful. And AFTER Juanita started preaching, she got married another time. I think she disobeyed Jesus Christ, doing that. If someone sinned and Jesus Christ for forgiveness for those sins, it doesn’t mean we can repeat the same sins. Someone who calls herself a ” prophetess” can’t repeat sins, not repent, and still preach. I’m not passing judgment on people who have had a divorce or more than one but Jesus didn’t say go on, repeat the same sins. He said ” follow Me”. Many saved people do still struggle with sin but saved people still have to ask Jesus to help them to not sin.
    I don’t recall prophets or the female prophets in the bible use language like ” let a deacon hit it.” I don’t know how many times I’ve worn a long dress without stockings, pantyhose, or leggings but I haven’t let deacons be sexual with me. I don’t want to cheat on husband.

  48. Juanita Bynum was not bashing just anybody. She is talking about how praise leaders were looking. I was one of them dressing like this. It helped me. Juanita. Bynum is a blessing. She is not putting down women but that spirit thars creepying up in the church. She is Right.

  49. WHOLE UP! When did GOD say go come with the clown make-up all over your face. You know dern well those aren’t your eyelashes. When did Jesus bring you the keys to hell? You’re judging people like you were given permission. The Bible says to bring them in, you my sista are running them away. Practice what you preach. Until the, SHUT YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH!

  50. What about men that where tight suits or gay men in the church who dress a certain way or inappropriate way.My point is when people know better they can do better a close friends mom always would mention how father would encourage her to keep coming back to church she was a worldly women and didn’t understand the older women would give her a hard but before long she get it a been never stopped.My point it’s not where you start but where you finish.And even polished saved people struggle or don’t know it’s a lifetime walk could have been a lot more soft and understanding massage .When you have a history be careful doesn’t look good.

  51. Dr. Bynum is absolutely right. She didn’t say anything wrong. We need to respect God. Don’t come in church any type of way. She shouldn’t have to tell you how to dress before the Lord. Breast and thighs out being lustful is sinful.

  52. Judge ye not that ye may not be judged…the women in her day may have said the same of a woman coming to church with makeup and blonde hair…

  53. Thank you Dr Bynum.that word spoke to me,it did not offend me.because it’s the truth.i myself has to be hit in the spirit with this word.i am guilty of this.and I thank God for you.because I was struggling with this issue right here.i give God all the honor and glory.i love very much.i look to you as a mentor.thank you again.keep me in your prayer.

  54. Four points:

    1. People already know how to dress appropriately for church. They either choose to or not.
    2. If you’ve followed Dr. Bynum for years, then you already know that she can be outspoken and controversial. This is to be expected.
    3. If what she says doesn’t pertain to you, then don’t get upset about it. If you still choose to be upset about it, then pray for yourself and get over it! Believe me, she has already moved on!!
    4. Whether you are a baby saint or seasoned saint, you and ONLY you will have to answer to the most high God about your life. Dr. Bynum will NOT be there. Pray, read your bible, fellowship with other saints, and treat others like you want to be treated. These are they keys to the good life. Not getting indignant about a video post that can in no way affect your life.

  55. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what we think. It’s all in the Bible and if you don’t read you probably won’t understand where she’s coming from. In 1 Timothy2:9 It talks about women adorning themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness, soberity and so on. A true Christian woman will definitely understand the importance in this scripture. May God be with you all in Jesus name. Amen.

  56. Ya,all most aint gettin it.The bible says we are ambassadors of Christ, if we enter child skimply dressed , to be honest believe me or not, the message you send to another person will be different no matter how much salvation you have.lets get this right, the bible says let you not make your brother stamble, some of you are saying shez being judgemental but many a time we donot like hearing the truth coz t hurts.
    some one said Jesus didnt care wat His followers wore, please not that none of them put on the way we do now days.

    let those that see see God on you and in you.
    you cant preach the gospel while yo stambling a brother.guys or ladies wake up and stop playing with God.

    dont you know your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit……are u gona dress like a clubbist and preach to the young to dress decently.

    if you dont wana hear the truth then we are watering down the gospels.

    Lord help us please

  57. I guess she forgot she wasn’t so saintified all her years of living. This is why the church is divided and people could care less about getting their souls saved because the worldly judgement has slithered into the church causing people to dismiss the word of God because of people like her who was once a bisexual animal doing everything under the sun but now that she’s saved she feels entitled to pass judgement. She better take a look in her own back yard because it hasn’t always been so manicured and green. It was filled with the stench of darkness just like her blackened judgmental heart.

  58. Juanita, Girl, What is going on with you. Now you know better than to judge others. Didn’t Jesus Deliver You, Didn’t Jesus Stick By You. I am pretty sure that the ladies in the church is not going over in the corner so the Deacons can get some. What is going on with you, jealousy, envy, strife, what. I have admired you for many years and some things I seen you say and do I didn’t think was appropriate but I prayed that God would keep you in the church and release your mind from that kind of stuff and here you go again. You Know sister to sister let me ask you a question? If Jesus Was The Pastor Of The Church You Are Talking About, Are Any Church What Would He Do? Deliver and Pray. Prayer Changes Things. Instead of BASHING Your Sisters, Have A Meeting Talk To Them, Properly, Like Women, and Darling Stop Bashing. You and I Am Not Perfect. Don’t try to pull the splinter out of someone else eye when they are splinters in our own. I love you girl, be blessed

  59. Some of you all have no wisdom in the way you are speaking about this woman of God. If you were reading your bibles then you would know that God said to be modest in your apparel. Everybody wants to use the come as you are message. But you forget that he also said BE .MODEST. IN. YOUR. APPAREL. Come as you are is not talking about your clothes.

  60. Wow! 😯😏😒 I am knock-kneed and pigeon-toed and HATE wearing stockings with a passion. I hate how they feel and the swishing sound they make. I hate hearing that noise when other women swish by. As long as I keep my legs closed and wear a slip, why should it matter to anyone? God loves me…..

  61. As for people judging one another isn’t it best to hold up one another to word of God and be sure that we correct ourselves before we go to see the master where there is no correction just judgement and it will probably be for blowing the sister off for telling you to dress right in His presence… Ms.Bynum is right you can’t be in the world and in the Lord at the same time please advertise separation….

  62. First of all, she said that she was NOT talking about those who are NEW to the faith; she was talking about those who were “Praise and Worship” LEADERS, and those who had been in the church for a while.

    Also, why are you focusing on that one statement when she said so much more than that. She spoke on those who lead praise and worship whose dresses are so tight one can see the imprint of their “vagina”, the dimples in their butt, and the curve of it. Whose tops were cut so low one could see their cleavage, and their shoulders were out, etc.

    When she spoke on the greasy legs, strappy shoes, AND thongs, [because the dress is so tight one looks as though they have no panties on], she ALSO mentioned the short be-bop skirt…if one comes to church like that…what are they “looking” for. She also said she was NOT advocating that women look “dowdy”, she likes to look beautiful as well, however things have gotten ridiculous…and she is RIGHT!

    We are NOT supposed to come to church dressed as though we are ready to get our “sexy” on…we are supposed to be seeking, and worshipping the LORD. It is suppose to be ALL about Him, not our flesh! Would these women wear these outfits if they were standing directly BEFORE THE LORD? And if they say “yes” they will not go into his heaven.

    It is pathetic the way many women dress today…at church, in the streets, on Facebook, on Instagram …everywhere one looks…smh! Our women are too beautiful to all themselves to be display so cheaply. They used to say…”if you not for “sale”, take down the sign”. Then they wonder why men call them “hoes”…why they cannot get a commitment.

    Dave Chappelle said the same thing in his skit entitled “Hoes Uniform”…IF they are not a “ho” then stop dressing like one. The type of man they would attract with that attire is one that will “break their heart”…Juanita Bynum said “he will be a monster”. I agree…BSD

  63. One more thing…Christ called the Pharisees, and Scribes…”white-washed tombs”…”vipers”…etc…so calling a female a “ho” IF that is what the are behaving like is not offensive to the Lord.

    Also, if you can’t say “Amen” then say “OUCH”!!!

    Some of you must fit her analogies or else you would not be SO offended…especially the one posting profanity, and threats…REALLY???? At the very least, everyone is entitled to their opinion however for you to get that “mad” shows the “spirit” you have and I will be seriously praying for you. Selah!!!

  64. I didn’t watch the whole video but I will say Her no more sheets sermon has followed me till this day. I remember most of the sermon and the part where she breaks down and say “I been with you, I been with you”, was her moment of truth and my moment of clarity. I was a follower of hers for a very long time then she got married/divorced and disappeared anointed she is. However, a couple of weeks ago I was at church and my mom noticed I dint have stockings on. I have worn stockings since then. I am not trying to attract the deacon or anyone else in the church but sometimes I just do not wear them. I also don’t wear dresses down to my ankles that fit me lie a potato sack, but my heart is pure for the Word of God and my intentions for the place of God are Holy. If you haven’t heard the sermon no more sheets please check it out it is absolutely beautiful.

  65. Dr. Bynum is more than qualified to speak about hoes in a church since part of her testimony before she got so called “delivered” was that she got tired of sleeping with the brothers in the church. Wow! If that ain’t a harlot. What is? Has she ever thought, maybe some people are allergic to the nylon in pantyhose? Is she teaching or condemning? Maybe some people think these weaves and hair colors that she sport are inappropriate. Sounds more like her personal opinion rather than the gospel. Maybe she should be more about God’s agenda rather than her’s. Not wearing stockings is not a condition of the heart. Judging is. One could wear dresses that drag the floor and still be a harlot. A sanctified look doesn’t mean a sanctified heart! SOOOO glad she isn’t God, we would be doomed!

  66. She has had plastic surgery also!
    Why isnt she on television anymore in the middle of her living room floor in her apartment? Worry about you … Pastor

  67. How dare you, there are women with sensitivity to nylon and who are experiencing extremely long menopausal periods (12 years) like myself. I cannot wear stockings, I tend to welp and itch very badly within the first 15 minutes of wearing them. Not to mention the stocking cause me to flash excessively. You call yourself a woman of God spouting such nonsense–SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE YOU STUPID JUDGEMENTAL TWIT.

  68. Prophetess Bynam, every word spoken by You I am in total agreement with you because, every day I see them in the temple, I ask the same questions. They think they are cute. I don’t know how they fit in some of the clothes they wear. I thought I was the only one who was confused. Someone ask me some time ago why dont I wear my clothes a bit more tighter. I told her I am just fine as I am. Every question you ask, I do too.

    1. Shouldn’t your focus be the word, not clothes? Haven’t you ever heard the saying that clothes don’t make the man/woman? Some people wear what they have. Are you willing to fund make-overs for all those who “think they’re cute”? You are the type of person that keeps people out of the church because you think you’re better than others. How can I tell? I read your post. Pay more attention to the word and maybe, just maybe you’ll learn not to be so judgemental.

  69. I don’t wear hose, tights in the winter, bare legs in the summer. I am not a hoe. I wear all kinds of underwear depending on my outfit. I am not a hoe. This is ridiculous. If a grown man can’t come to church and keep his focus on the purpose of being their, that’s on him not on anyone else. If you go to the church with the intention of judging everyone’s clothes ,making comment to yourself, others or the person you are in church for the wrong reasons and you need to examine your actions. She and others like her need to re-evaluate their intentions and spend more times worrying about THEIR relationships with God.

  70. Some church people give preachers too much power on their thoughts. Just preach the word and let God worry about what a woman wears to church. Plus a person don’t know another’s situation on any aspect of that life….stop judging.

  71. You straight lied, your title is deceptive. Juanita Bynum was talking about leaders (who know God), not people who are coming to know God. She is right. You must not be saved at all, otherwise you would fear God too much to talk about the woman of God. She was speaking the word of God, God is in agreement, and your real problem is with him sweetie.


  73. BS, Juanita Bynum who are you to judge? I’m 53 ans yes I don’t wear stockings all the time to church. My ass is not out nor my breasts. I don’t look at my deacons in my church as a sex buddy. I respect my deacons and my pastor. I respect my vows I committed to my husband. I love him because God blessed me with a Awesome man od God. You wonder why churches are not full because of judgmental people like you.

  74. Be sure you know who saves I am truly glad the Jesus saves and jot man
    If you are without sun Bynum cast a stone for all the ladies who goes to church remember who saves not the Bynum lady
    Be careful how you refer to God’s children
    I so glad He will judge not you
    He loves us all
    Thank you Lord for loving us unconditionally

  75. Holy St Peter..Wait a minute !!! Mary mother of Jesus didnt no stockings or draws on, was Married to Joseph and had a baby by another man, was she a HOE ?? LOL, Then you Mary Magalene was accused of being a Hoe, was about to be stoned, a Jeee–Heee–Sus, stepped i. and said ..WAIT A MINUTE.. Lest he who is without sin, cast the first stone !! Jesus was the original Mr. Save A Hoe !!! LOL… This is ridiculous… what about the Deacon hitting it, it takes to.. So the Deacon aint a Hoe ??.. What happened to come ass you are… ? What Church woamn talking about buying titties, and hitting it?? Hmmm sounds like something happened ….LOL.. Lets Pray on it…

  76. Such a disgrace! She is the reason so many people turn from God, because they think that she is a representative of Him. She is not a true Christian!

  77. What about those that wear stockings, dress so tight yiu can see every crevice and bukge,; flaunting their St. John knits and red-bittom shoes? I have not worn stockings on ocassion on a Sunday morning and that does not make me a whore. We have to be so very careful because it is with love snd kindness that those same ones will be drawn to God! “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it SHALL eat the fruit thereof.”

  78. Very Highly Annointed Child of God(Jesus Christ) and she has to be obient to the Word of God. BLESS her.
    Word, it’s presented in the RAW & Truth is not excepted easily…
    However, she has expounded on what was spoken and it’s filled with (Wisdom, Logic, Scripture, Faith, etc,).
    Except or shake it off & move on.

  79. Screw Juanita and the crazy boat she floated in on. The Lord said come as you are. So Juanita’s opinion on what should be doesn’t matter to me and shouldn’t matter to anyone else. When talking about Deacons in the corner; sounded like she was speaking from experience. So strappy shoes will send you to hell? This woman is obviously delusional. I hate when people try to use the Lord’s name to push their personal agendas. God don’t like ugly Juanita.

  80. Ja Ja is just as nutty as ever. With everything going
    on in the world this is what you choose to speak about on 8/13/17? Sit down. You are truly a fraud and out of touch.


  82. And what does that have to do with saving souls? You should be able to came as you are, they aren’t naked. Strappy sandals aren’t going to keep you from getting into heaven! I think we as christians has loss out on what we are suppose to be doing and that is bringing people to Christ! Stop being so judgemental and focus on what we are really suppose to be doing AND THAT IS WINNING SOULS!

  83. I may not agree with everything she is saying but she does have some points, We do need to remember we are going into the house of the Lord. I think that’s all she saying it’s a time and a place for everything.

  84. Is this the same Juanita Bynum who cheated on her husband and proceeded to get into a fist fight in the parking lot…and she wants to tell me how to dress…Girl stay in your LANE! QUIT ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW ALL!!! God does the judging NOT YOU!!!

  85. She… PROPHETESS. has developed a very unattractive attitude towards the body. It’s foul and does NOT exemplify Christ likeness. Her pride arrogance and judgement makes me sad that that’s all she identifies with. There is so much love and goodness to share but that doesn’t make headlines. Shame on her

  86. Who wears pantyhose anymore? My mother is near 67 and doesn’t unless it’s cold. Should we all wear long sleeves and skirts below the ankle? Should we keep our hair pinned up or covered lest we tempt? Should we refrain from makeup and nail polish, hair dyes and extensions? Who, but a harlot, needs such vanities? What about athletic wear? What do these female leaders wear to exercise? Or is it only about God when they’re not at church? Ah, they must exercise only within the safety of their homes or facilities restricted from male access and view…
    I’ve read that the statements were directed toward leadership. Let me tell you that leadership is the example. If it is the expectation of the leader, it is the goal for all…for what is a leader if not an example? What did the unarguable leader wear? How did he carry himself? What did he believe? What were his goals? Those are the questions and the answers. The rest are simply power games, or pettiness or interesting debate that can lead to growth if used correctly. It seems to me that it is when we are lowest that we are closest to God… When we have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. When we are broke and dirty and alone. When we have given up and seek answers in only one place because we have proven all our ideas to be so much chaff. Why should one even notice a harlot’s attire when looking at her soul? Because our thoughts and our biases and our motives are controlling the focus of the lens. No one is perfect. I get that, you get that, everyone understands that concept on some level. But consider this. When we open our mouths to correct on matters trivial to the soul, what flaws are we exposing within ourselves? Each word in the video, each comment on this blog, each word in my own post is the lesson with which we can improve ourselves. I can ask myself, why am I online about 5AM writing an essay on a blog or philosophying about religion and spirituality. I should have gone to be hours ago. My alarm goes off in less than 2 hours. You can ask yourself why you think clothes mean as much as they do. I get it. In some cases they are symbols. But not everyone has the same background or same symbology. If you were raised in a household that believes that stockings are old fashioned and unnecessary, then propriety never comes into consideration when declining stockings as a wardrobe staple. On the other hand, that same household may believe that skirts above the knees are highly inappropriate and should only be mid calf at best, just below the knee at worst. To a child growing up in that household, panty hose clad women with skirts just above the knee may look like harlots, and panty hose clad women with skirts just below the knee are seriously pushing it. It comes down to a matter of experience and perspective. Appropriate dress is completely subjective. Would I wear jeans and sneakers to a high profile corporate job? Probably, if that job is at Google… The point is, that unless a woman is coming to church on a daily basis in a spandex, barely-covers-the-behind dress (I’m exaggerating here, but you never know…), what she is wearing is as irrelevant to her soul and her work as this conversation.
    As far as distracting men.. When someone has a weakness, you try not to exacerbate that weakness with temptations or stressors. You place that person in as close to a vacuum as you can achieve to allow those life coping muscles to recover from previous trauma or slides down the slippery slope. But eventually, that person has to be exposed or the muscles will atrophy and future exposure will cause worse harm. If that person doesn’t eventually come to a point where he is capable of coping with the things he will face in life, he will forever be limited. If these men are so easily distracted by the sight of bare legs, then they require growth. For a time, it may be useful limit their exposure. But eventually, they will have to learn to live with it and still function because they live in a world with other human beings who do not act or think as they do. If they cannot handle a church leader with bare legs, how will they handle the stripper up the block or the short skirt next door?

  87. Where in the Bible does it say we have to wear pantyhose and closed toe shoes. I thought the Churche was worried about souls not clothes. IJS!

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