This Natural Hair Vlogger Just Had Her Waist-Length Hair Butchered By A Top Hair Stylist

Sings :: You know this hair is my shit
Rolled the rod, I gave it time
But this here is mine
You know this hair is my shit
Rolled the rod, I gave it time
But this here is mine::

Jewellianna Palencia is a natural hair vlogger known for her waist-length natural tresses.Jewellianna Palencia-jewe-jewe-bee-haircut

Jewellianna Palencia-jewe-jewe-bee-haircut

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In short, her hair is her brand, and getting it lopped off so unceremoniously was not in her plans.

Here’s what happened:

  • A Top NYC stylist hit her up about collaborating

  • Jewellianna, aka  JeweJeweBee, agreed since she needed a trim anyway

  • She told ole dude:

  • But did he listen? Nope. Chile, he cut off 9 inches of her hair like it was nothing. NO-THING.

    Jewellianna Palencia-jewe-jewe-bee-haircut

  • Since this was a collaboration JeweJewe got the whole thing on camera.

  • And y’all. It was painful to watch. Painful.

Now listen, this isn’t just about a bad haircut. This is about messing with someone’s brand. Jewellianna’s personal brand is her hair. How you personally market yourself  to others matters. Your brand is what you want people to associate with you and If you look through Jewellianna’s Youtube page or Instagram you can clearly see her hair is vital. Her hair is a instrument to grab people’s attention. She hasn’t posted on your Youtube for about a month due to the haircut. She has over 150,000 followers on her Youtube channel because of her hair.

Sometimes there can be miscommunication with the stylist and the client, but not in this case. Jewellianna taped the interaction and clearly stated she wanted to keep her hair long. Natural hair is a special beast. Not every stylist can tame the beast.

She has decided not to name the stylist, but folks figured it out and sent the poor man death threats. It ain’t that deep, but it was a lesson to be learned by all parties involved.

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. Sorry about the bad hair cut babe. But I never expected you to cut or trim your hair in its curly state. I prefer stretching my curls before trimming or cutting it so I dont miscalculate and chop off all my length because its curly state doesn’t show it’s true length. By the way,that’s a white male hair stylist. I don’t know how he would have any idea of African natural curls. So sorry once again for that unprofessional hair cut.

  2. I’m going to be natural leave my hair long what do I do I only use kids hair care my hair was clip from the back clip my ends she know what I said girl all that hair need to go I never went it’s long now but I don’t trust other people with my hair do I have to cut off get me started help help

    1. You don’t have to cut your hair off. You can transition. Check YouTube or Google and search for natural hair transition. There’s loads of advice and videos. That’s what I did and still do after 3 years natural! Enjoy your journey ☺️

  3. This is why I do not let people touch my Natural Hair period!!!! And this is the prime example why Our hair needs to be handled by people who understand Our hair!!!!

  4. I know who did your hair, and that is sooo jacked up!! You are so right, when you go through his Instagram photos, the curly girls he cut have the same cut and style. You need to warn folks though. It’s not cool to be cocky and not listen to clients!! I thought he was cool, but this was beyond out of order. Love the positive spin you’re taking on this.

  5. Girl, that’s what you get for allowing a white man to cut your hair! You wanna assimilate so badly that you allowed someone to affect your livelihood!

    1. Shifty resp9nse. Assimilat3. Hey the next time you go to the store and a whit3.person serves you. You should careful not to assimilate. Get the FOH with that race hating bullshit. Like YIU HAVE A MONOPOLY ON THE BLACK EXPERIENCE. How dare you. Grow the fuck up.

  6. What do you mean that ‘sometimes there is miscommunication…but not in this case’?!?!?!?!?!? Jewellianna was NOT SPECIFIC!!!!! I saw this video and here is my one cent: She used the verbiage “cut”, not dusting. She agreed to a ‘cut’ and said I would like to keep my length and that didn’t mean the same to the stylist, BE SPECIFIC. The verbiage should of been: I want to keep my length and do not want more than an inch or two cut off; is that possible for what you have in mind for my hair? Second, she failed to research the process. YES some curly pieces will be longer in some areas because no two curls are the same- they coil/shrink differently, some strands will be tighter, some looser, etc.

    1. so we’re just going to ignore the fact that the cut is lop-sided AF? She needed to specifically say “Don’t give me an uneven EFFED up haircut?” Even if she didn’t use the proper terminology (which I rebuke), it doesn’t mean she should have gotten the uneven up-side down triangle she got. Too short is one thing, what she got was too short AND just BAD.


  8. In my 20’s I went to a fancy expensive salon in a mall. When I left I had still had wet hair. Tried another shop and another white stylist and while I liked their work on white customers … If a stylist isn’t sure of themselves doing Black hair they need to say so and not experiment .

  9. Looks like someone should have either A) been a bit more cautious with her primary asset, or B) built the basis of her success on something a bit more meaningful than hair. Use a fickle trick, get a fickle audience.

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