“Stop Wearing White Lady Hair!” Whoopi Goldberg Says She is Sick Of Cultural Appropriation Claims

On a recent episode of The View the crew discussed the backlash Pepsi & Kendall Jenner received because of their most recent commercial. You can read about the controversy and watch the commercial HERE.


Whoopi admits the the commercial missed the mark, however, she scoffed at the idea that Kendall Jenner’s participation is an example of cultural appropriation.

“You know this culture appropriation stuff starting to really make me crazy,  it’s starting to make me crazy. You know because, If we’re going to go with culture appropriation, wear natural hair..because if we’re wearing white lady hair isn’t that appropriation as well?”

Watch the episode below (fast forward to the 4 minute mark to hear Whoopi’s point of view):

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Do you think Whoopi has a point? Sound off below!

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. No. Whoppi doesn’t have a dog in this fight. Just because her money and Hollywood status has allowed her to look however she pleases does not mean that the rest of us have that privilege. Many don’t wear weave to appropriate but to assimilate. And a larger portion wear weave to stand out and be their uniquely sickening selves, so idk what she’s talking about. *dismissive hair flip*

    1. If that isn’t the biggest load of BS right here…
      I too am sick of hearing people cry over “cultural appropriation,” it’s incredibly divisive. As a black American, I’m really worn out over the division lately, enough is enough.
      We all take part in one another’s culture in one way or another. If you don’t like that — don’t you take part in anything that isn’t part of your own culture, don’t wear your hair a certain way, don’t do any of it. Since you want to cry over people “appropriating” our culture, you can stop doing anything having to do with anyone else’s culture. How about that?

      1. Oops! Whoopi done struck a nerve! And look at all the futile attempts to deflect her point by bringing up ERR’THANG besides her point! You all shrugging your shoulders but I’m waiting to see which one of you will be BRAVO enough to ADMIT she makes a good point?!?!?! She’s not attacking anyone’s right to wear their hair the way they want. (What a cheap comeback!) To the contrary she’s saying that in doing just that A A women install that bone straight hair that practically drags on the floor.. (now that’s an exaggeration. ..I KNOW so please. …don’t) but in order to do that you must use someone else’s hair! Someone not of A A decent given the grade of the hair. Once said install is complete yall sure don’t look like the natural inhabitants of any place I know of that our people come from. Riddle me that?!??! Sooo, we wanna call out everybody but can’t own it when we do it?!!!!!! I’d be more impressed if someone would just say…”Damn, Whoopi does have a point……”

      2. We don’t do anything in black culture because the black culture have been destroyed! You have been reared to think white or any other ethnic group is better than you! Younger Black women are more insecured than ever and the older women were just as bad after all the truth staring in their face after making homosexual boys! Damn shame a nation within a nation and the women are rooted in white skin!

  2. I thougjt she was moving out of the country when #45 became president. Please move and be quiet. In case no one has told you, you are not a style icon. We have choices to wear our hair ANY WAY WE CHOOSE. From stick straight, to super kinky. A TWA to extensions made of real hair or fake. Shut your mouth. Mind tour business and fix YOUR hair, matural or not, it is not cute. If that offends you, then stop telling black women how to wear THEIR hair.

  3. I like Whoop but she’s not one too talk when she has mingled and dabbled in interracial relationships all her life. How a black women wears her hair does not dignify how black or not black she is! And that Pepsi commercial was wrong on so many more issues than “appropiation”. It was down right disrespectful too the many who’ve lost their lives for the civil freedoms of people of color.

  4. No, Whoopi is totally off the mark. She is just another Black person who has professed her love for the dominant culture and has made money from her love affair. She has lost her right, to me, to speak on issues that affect the average Black person in America. And when the dominant culture copies something that the minority culture has as an identifier or a product, repackages and renames it, then sells it to members of the dominant culture (which supports its own), that is cultural appropriation.

  5. Being considered afro American dissent necessity mean you have kinky hair. My ancestors had some Indian traits, and some Hispanic traits. I can’t explain how difficult it is at times to find someone to do my hair. I am sure many others have similar experiences. I like the kinky look. I like some straight hair styles.Perhaps the mixture of origins puts some of us in a sticky situation. Most people prefer what’s easy.

  6. so defensive over hair. Africans wear their hair like a European is appropriation. The opposite of that holds true too. The opposite happens less often because Europeans were not told they were ugly for generations by a dominant culture. Africans were and some fell for it.

  7. Once again Blacks in Hollywood felt the need to lashout at who “Black” women…. Why because Kylie nonblack decided to make a dumb Pepsi Commercial….. That says more about Whoopi “Goldberg”….. So she with a MICROPHONE and A Camera choose to attack all black women with hair extensions…… WTF
    If she wants to give lessons about appropriation she might want to start at her Last Name!!!!! IMJS…… So shes a practicing Jewish person…. LOL OOOOOOOkkkkkkkk Love her but really….
    Its so annoying that black people in Hollywood always feel so comfortable attacking blacks in defense of random white people…. Like who cares about Kylies dumb pepsi Commercial what did people think that she was going to start a revolution… Have you seen her family its bunch of users and opportunists…. Why wouldn’t she do what her family does best when Pepsi gives her $$$ and access opportunity to do it????
    But uhhhh about all this attack on women who chose to wear their hair the way they want They should put their middle fingers up to all these celebrities trying to tell them what to do….
    Why and who that is really black expects more?? LOL You black people better wake up….. Because all this multiculturalism propaganda has your heads to far up in the clouds.

  8. Although I dont agree completely with Whoopi, she has a point. We sistas love to claim that wearing lace fronts and weaves are protective styles when they aren’t the most effective and safest ways to protect our hair. Alot of us are wearing everything but our “own” hair on top of heads re: Malaysia, Brazilian, Indian, etc. i totally get that if One of the Kardashians wears box braids and then Vogue then claims that is not in fashion that is an appropriation. I also agree that wearing our hair straight is due to assimiliation to the European culture for obvious reasons. But the weaves and wigs have gone way too far. Everyone lookint like Texas Barbies with 10 lbs of makeup and 20 bundles of hair. Do whatever you feel but trust me white people don’t get. Especially now that we are obsessed with weaves for the last decade. It wasn’t like this in the 80s and early 90s. Only celebs wore weaves, now folks rocking bundles to the grocery store.

  9. As a non-American black, I do often find that “appropriation” accusations are whining. I guess it’s cool when you identify the source; like plagiarism. Can’t we just call it that. It’ll be so much easier and clearer to identify. Claim a trend – Bad; Ackknowledge the Source – Good.

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