“Ladies You Deserve Better…Please Accept This As My Sincere Apology” Tyrese Offers Lengthy and Heartfelt Apology Over His Recent Comments About Women

Well, well, well, it seems as though Tyrese may have seen the error of his ways, or maybe he’s sick and tired of the dragging he’s been receiving on social media. Hopefully he’s finally done giving out advice to women (read the most recent bit of advice he offered HERE). Tyrese has been the center of controversy from recent statements referring to women as sluts, skeezers, tramps, and hoes. He posted a apology on Instagram:

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What do you think of his apology? Is his apology too late? Is his apology even sincere? I enjoy when a person can admit when they are wrong and I can accept an apology. But I won’t forget.

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. He knows that black women line his pockets and he won’t be able to keep that non black wife of his if he doesn’t kiss ass. This nig gets none of my money. Fuck him and the 5 black guys making “we love black women” videos when 3 if them have white girlfriends! They know that black women are fed up and done with their b******* and we are about to turn our face and go to Chad. They know that the only people that March in the streets for them are black women so they trying to kiss our ass well it’s too late they can keep on moving go to Ling Ling and Maria and Becky and be with them we are done with you is Pieology is fall on deaf ears!

  2. Tyrese there is no need to apologize. This is America!! People like two faced Wendy Williams NEVER apologizes for the ratchet things that she says and the women viewers act like all they need is salt and pepper to eat her up!! She only tried to call you out on her show because 9/10 of your comments had her name written all over them!!!!
    Carry on my brother, carry on!!

  3. Tyrese is full of shit. Period…… I know damn well his grandmother didn’t teach him to think of women as hoe ,bitches, tramps etc. . thats shit right there YOU learned own your own . . you out of all ppl should be graetful for the position and platform in which your life has taking you . . . i don’t know what it is . . . maybe you look so down on us black woman because of the pain or disappointment you may have seen as a youngster growing up with your mom on drugs or maybe the absent of your father i dont know what it is, but your sorry ass apologies don’t fly over here and you ONLY SINCERE THIS TIME BECAUSE IT HITS HOME FOR YOU WITH YOUR WIFE AND HER 46% BEING BLACK . . . NOW YOU WANT TO BE APOLOGETIC. TO THE BLACK WOMAN , TO ALL WOMAN ONLY BECAUSE YOUR WIFE IS SIDE EYEING YOU NOW . . ONCE FAME HITS A PERSON ONE’S FORGET HOW MANY NIGHT THEY WENT TO BED HUNGRY OR NO MONEY IN THEY POCKET . . . WOMAN IS YOU FAN BASE KEPT IT UP AND YOU WILL SOON LOSE IT ALL CAUSE I PET YOU WANT SEE TOO MANY MEN RUNNING TO THE STORE TALKING ABOUT I NEED TO COP THAT NEW TY CD . . . NOT MANY MAN SO KEEP IT UP YOU GOING TO NE A WASHED UP ACT WITHOUT FUND ALL BECAUSE YOUR MOUTH CASHED A CHECK IT COULDN’T AFFORD. . . ….”LADIES WE DO DESERVE BETTER” AND IT NOT FROM THE ADVISE OF TYRESE OR STEVE H. . . . IT SHOULD BE FROM YOURSELF . A PERSON IS ONLY GOING TO TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU ALLOW THEM TO TREAT YOU . .. YOU WANT RESPECT!! YOU WANT 2 BE TREATED LIKE A QUEEN THEN ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN THATS MY QUEENS

  4. Apologizing is fine. Now just stop. As a public figure it not, you are just not qualified to be giving women advice. Work on yourself, your life, your own shortcomings, your own issues, language, and behaviors. And then live what you learn. Stop talking and start doing. Actions will speak for themselves.

  5. Actually is was both what he said AND the way he said it!
    Apology not excepted. You are a misogynist! Work on not being one. Truly do the work! We don’t need your mail centered advice!

  6. You can’t say you’re not a misogynist… but spout sexist misogynistic shit for the last decade. That’s like white people when they get fired for spouting racism on social media, then cry about how they aren’t racist. APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. You’re only apologizing because your 46.5% African Queen is embarrassed by you.

  7. There was no apology in that pathetic statement. He was only apologetic for its delivery but his basic opinion was not retracted. He owes his success to UNAMBIGUOUS black women. So he can take his colorist attitude and behavior to the 46% percent that he and other colorist black males venerate. Black women are sick of his habitual dragging and denigration of us. We see him trying to implement damage control because as usual, these colorist black males require the black women to come out and financially support our own eraser. He’s got a movie being released soon, so he requires those dark skinned black women to come out and pay money to support him. When it’s all said and done, you can be sure he will be back to pontificating his usual ignorant rants on something he has very little to no knowledge, intellect or context. If that movie fails, which I hope it does, you can bet he will be back to calling black women everything but a child of God and blaming us for its abysmal ratings. Just like Nate Parker did when BOAN flopped and didn’t catapult Nate Parker’s career in a manner he was expecting and demanding black women to support. Black women are done being complicit in our own eraser by black males who spent a good portion of their careers denigrating black women while profiting from black women. No more supporting colorist black males who are selling us the glamour of black love via books and speaking engagemts, but not loving black when it comes to their personal lives or in their movies. No one with an IQ over 70 is falling for the okey doke…not anymore. #stopsupportingcoloristblackmales

  8. Tyrese pur-leeze stop insulting our intelligence. You made those comments deliberately but back tracked because of the scale of the backlash. As far as l’m concerned your finished. The sooner you disappear with your 46 per cent “black queen” the better. Better save the money made from fast & furious 8 because without Paul Walker the show is on the last legs. What you got for yourself after that? Your music? Don’t think so bruh, you severed the bridge there with us too. Suddenly realised that did you? Hence the grovelling apology? Man gtfoh!!!!

  9. I am not buying it. I find it very coincidental that he has such an epiphany the weekend that his movie releases. Thanks but no thanks, I didn’t need his negative opinions of me and my daughter and other female family members and I definitely don’t want his halfway apology.
    I will make sure that I keep my undesirable cash to myself and carry-on with my beautiful black self, unbothered by his irrelevant existence. Thanks for sharing.

  10. His supposedly reformed promiscuous self need to talk to men who are like how he “was”. He can speak from life experience to other men. He isn’t a woman (Wendy Williams stop!) so he need not address us about promiscuity.

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