Pull Up a Chair: Black Women Respond To Tyrese’s Apology And It Ain’t Pretty!

Sings:: That it’s too late to apologize
It’s too late
Said it’s too late to apologize
It’s too late 

It seems as though the apology Tyrese offered wasn’t fully accepted by all (Read about it HERE). Women are fed up and have had enough and no apology via Instagram is going to do it. See what they are saying:

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But wait, there’s more:

And what’s a dragging without memes

Seems as though the damage is done and can’t be reverse by an apology. Sorry Jody…I mean Tyrese.

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. You response to comments concerning your marriage was not necessary, there are medicalreasons why some ( BLACK) women wear wigs & weaves, but did you consider that? No! you just opened your big mouth & started bashing us. I for one could care less about whom you are married to, you didn’t even have to respond to the comments as far your marriage is concerned but you did & it was harsh. Did you forget that a Black woman gave birth to you? For you to go there with the wigs & weaves is completely unacceptable. I was always a fan of your music & your inspirational videos, I am no more. I’m very disappointed in you Tyrese Gibson.

  2. I knew your ass will be back, unfortunately for you, we don’t want to hear it. You was talking out the side of your neck because you had a non african american lady. Happy for you but you had to throw the women you were loving on and getting all of you support under the bus cause you thought you had arrived. Spoiler alert, she won’t be there for the long haul. She has seen your true colors. We have nothing for you Terese! This apology is not you, your new movie is about to drop and you now need us to come to your rescue. Won’t be there! It’ over and I am done!

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