Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Microblading/Eyebrow Tattooing

If you’re new around these parts, let me introduce you to the technique that took my brows from non-exististence to fleeky AF: Microblading. If you don’t believe me, take a look at what my brows looked like a year ago:

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This is what they look like today:


Ya Heard??!

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing procedure that is helping folks like me get their entire lives in order. Yes, it is that serious. You can read about my first experience HERE, but now that I’ve gone through the experience a few times I feel confident answering some of your questions.  To assist me in making sure I answer your questions properly, I’ve enlisted the assistance of the specialist I used, Mila, of the The Brow Muse (located In Boston and New York City). Check out some of Mila’s work HERE.

Your Questions Answered

 What is HD Microblading vs Traditional or 3D Microblading?

Traditional or 3D Microblading consists of scraping tool, dipped in pigment to create the look of hair growing out of your skin.

The new, HD technique, combines strokes and shadow. It’s great for someone with very dark skin, someone who has thick dark hair but very thin brows, and/or someone who has bold spots in the brows.

They seem darker and fuller than the first time. Was it because this is your second time or was it because of the new procedure?

My Eyebrows look fuller because of HD Microblading. Last year, I simply got 3D Microblading, so the look was not as intense or dramatic:

Traditional 3D Microblading Results

When you have strokes done you can still see skin in between and that makes the whole eyebrow appear on the lighter side. With HD microblading, the body of the eyebrow is filled in with semi-permanent shadow and that’s why it looks fuller. The finished look will be like a gradual brow because the front has just strokes.

What is the cost?

Cost usually from $600 to $1000 depends on the location of the studio you’ll choose. Annual touch up around $250.

Does it hurt?

Almost all of Mila’s clients have a painless procedure. About %3 of her clients (I’m in that 3 percent) experience slight pain. After the consultation is completed you’ll be numbed with topical anesthetics for 30 min, and it works. I only felt a bit of pain towards the very end of the procedure. I would say on a scale of 1-10 it was about a 2.

What exactly does it feel like?

It feels lie somebody scratching the skin, so it’s hard to describe. You might feel some burning and tingling, similar to sunburned skin, but not nearly as painful. If you’ve ever had waxing or threading done, this procedure will feel like a cake-walk.

What kind of questions should you ask if you are looking for a tech?

Make sure technician has 100’s of pictures of before and after. Microblading Artists have different styles, so choose the one you like work the most. It’s also very important that technician shows a lot of healed results and not just immediately after procedure. Once you found someone you really like, and you can tell that their work is consistent, check their credentials. Think of a Microblading Artist like a hair stylist or anyone in the beauty industry who has to always grow and develop their skills by having continuing education. Mila  does not recommend that you find your technician on Groupon or Guilt City. Remember that a good technician is a busy technician

How was the consultation?

All new procedures start with a consultation. If you have a crush on certain brow shapes make sure you’ll bring pictures to show.  It’s best is to come to your first appointment looking like you usually do on the daily basis, meaning go to your appointment with your brows filled in the way you like.

Is the process different for women with Dark skin?

There is no difference in Mil a’s approach to microblading for dark skin, fair skin or medium skin. In each category there are different skin types, undertones and thickness. The only difference is in the healed results. Dark brown microbladed strokes will have less contrast with darker skin.


Aftercare is extremely important! and you should remember that microblading is a team effort between you and your technician.  Make sure you follow all the instructions and use only the product you were provided by your artist. Do not google. There is no one right way in the aftercare and it different depends on the place you choose. You’ll be provided with aftercare kit right after procedure, aftercare will be explained in detail and you’ll have a copy of the instructions to take home.

Chances of infection or Keloid?

Microblading is a type of tattooing and as any tattoo there is always a chance of infection. Make sure your Technician uses top quality pigments, sterile blades and has a blood born pathogen certificate. In Boston and NYC for example, tattoo artists also have to have a tattoo license issued by the Health board department.

Correctly performed microblading does not create scars or keloids. If you are prone to keloids this procedure is not recommended.


Results will vary from person to person, and will last 6 months-a year depending on your skin-type. For instance, i have extremely oily and acne prone skin, so my tattooing won’t last quite as long as someone with drier skin. I also use retina-a to treat my acne, and that will affect results as well. I’m still really happy with my results and recommend this to anyone who is unhappy with her natural brows.

Brow Muse Locations

635 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022

551 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116

Call 617-942-1412

There you have it, folks! Will you try Microblading anytime soon?

Well Hello! My name is Lisa and you’ve stumbled upon my own little corner of the world. I’m a lipstick-loving, high heel junkie, mom, and wife. When I’m not here bringing you the latest in beauty, fashion, hot topics, and bits and pieces of my life with my family, you can find me over on youtube swatching lipsticks and sharing my latest natural hairstyles. Make sure you also follow me on Instagram and Snapchat under my brand name Lisa A La Mode. I’m a real person. I promise.


Well Hello! My name is Lisa and you've stumbled upon my own little corner of the world. I'm a lipstick-loving, high heel junkie, mom, and wife. When I'm not here bringing you the latest in beauty, fashion, hot topics, and bits and pieces of my life with my family, you can find me over on youtube swatching lipsticks and sharing my latest natural hairstyles. Make sure you also follow me on Instagram and Snapchat under my brand name Lisa A La Mode. I'm a real person. I promise.

  1. Thank you for your very thorough article. I live in the Greater Boston area and am so happy Mila is just a quick 30 min drive away!

  2. I find it so interesting that the pigment injections are only semi-permanent instead of a real tatoo.. My wife has been thinking about getting some microblading done, but wanted to know a little bit more before going in. Thank you for the giving the beauty info, it was very helpful!

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