Rickey Smiley Dragged For Disgusting Joke About Dark Skin Women

Rickey Smiley is in hot water again with a few of his fans after making a joke at the expense of women with dark skin. l Now if you remember earlier this year he was called out after his son stated that he wasn’t attracted to black women on the family’s reality show, that airs on TV One, a lifestyle channel that is geared towards black audiences.

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Well, earlier this week, Smiley proved that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and listener of his radio show, “The Rickey Smiley Radio Show”, Esha Jordan was not here for it. So much so that she even went on to blast him on a Facebook live video. Jordan explained that during Smileys “Paternity Tuesday’s” segment he made a joke making fun of a darker skin woman, which came completely out of left field. The joke goes:

“A dark skinned woman walked in my kitchen once and the skillet started laughing”…

Esha Jordan let him have it. Just watch:

If that was supposed to be funny I surely missed the joke. Jokes like these are meant only to tear down dark skin black women. There’s nothing funny about dark skin. Johnson then goes on to talk about how it seems like black men are always willing to tear us down and make us the butt of their jokes and how tiring it all can be. Of course, there were a ton of black men capping for Rickey with the usual “It’s just jokes” statement.


Do you think this joke is being blown out of proportion?  Do you think this is something that needs to stop, especially within the black community?

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Kay’s Ways is a healthy hair care, beauty and lifestyle blog based in NYC. As a certified makeup artist, beauty enthusiast and mother of three I like to share product reviews, video demonstrations, the latest tips and tricks for everything from entertainment, technology, family life, product swatches, video demos, makeup tips & tutorials, home life with the kids, events and more! Keep up with Kay

  1. No way was that funny! How can we expect respect from other ethnic groups when we dog each other about our complexion?

  2. We all know he’s a comedian, but the “dark skinned women” jokes are tiring. Instead of “joking” on “dark skinned women” why not spend some time with his co-host, Gary w/the Tea in English classes. Most of the time it’s hard to even understand what Gary is saying. Slow down and announciate/pronounce your words. In other words, speak clearly.

    Another topic, paternity test Tuesday is a joke because all they do is laugh and joke at the guest while they’re talking.

    Black people.

  3. It may have been a joke, but look at the implications. There are your girls, young women who have a self hate because of jokes, comments, such as this. I fail to understand why black men and I’m not speaking of all black men, but you know who you are. Why do these black men find it so convient to belittle us when you come from us. We love and support you without question. It truly hurts. Black is beautiful in all shades and some of you are victims of this racist society and don’t even know it.

  4. This is not joke material. It is not funny! If Rickey Smiley cannot find material that is not racially offensive he should get a job.

  5. It’s cruel but black women are guilty too so yes black men and women do need to be more proud of and sensitive to each other white people are going to stick together

  6. Absolutely he is wrong.. black women never belittle black men . Mostly black men are so ignorant when come to race. They will find the lighter skin or another race of women with different skin color. Other than their black race to marry or dates. Black women look for the most darker men to date or marry, they have totally respect for black men. I don’t get it. They came from a black mother and they ashame of their own race.
    Please help me to understand this. Lord help our race. A Black mother that is concerned.

  7. I strongly suggest that we boycott his show by contacting his sponsors about the way he insults the very audience was listening to his radio and gossip show.The only thing celebrities understand is money.To me a apology isn’t acceptable.If someone was to mention his female tendencies and his mannerisums,he would have a issue with that.Until he changes his behavior about women who buy his sponsors products,He should be suspended from the show til further notice.

  8. I TOTALLY agree with you sister, but just rememver, it’s NOT all Black men, MANY OF US have a brain, love our people and are conscious.

  9. No it’s not being blown out of proportion. If we as a Black Woman like myself don’t stand up to racism toward us who will.

  10. Just last week Gilbert Arenas made similar a statement, not a joke about there not being any “beautiful” dark skinned women. I find it interesting the comments men quickly made about black women being “butt hurt” over a joke. The point is obviously lost on them, black women don’t find the shit funny! So you’re laughing at her expense. If we start talking about the length of your manhood and expressing our preferences one way or another, perhaps your level of sensitivity might increase.

  11. Whether they should chill or not, I know black women, around the world are tired of being “slapped” down for being black. The blue/black women of the South Sudan etc. are especially sick of it. Also being told they must bleach their skin to be whiter in order to succeed in life. How about…. you’re not bad looking, for a dark skinned girl.? Yep, I can see why all women of color, oh, Indians, of India, are sick of being made fun of. Even if it’s by a comedian.

  12. No I don’t think it is being blown out of proportion. It does need to stop. How do you complain about prejudice comments and remarks that other ethnic groups attack us with and then we as a people do it among ourselves. It’s not a joke and if someone pointed that at your Mother, Aunt , Sister or daughter you wouldn’t think it was funny either. People will respect you when you respect yourselves and Rickey Smiley isn’t a Ken doll himself. He “ain’t no Denzel Washington” either, so no room to talk. By the way…don’t get twisted it’s a joke. It’s comments like these that are equal to being Bullied. Words can hurt you. If those black women hit your butt with the frying pan by no longer following you and purchasing your label I bet you would reconsider your unnecessary, disrespectful and prejudiced comment. Shame on you and shame on “your boys” who support this by agreeing with you. They’re tail coating so have to suck up. Don’t get mad at me. I can tell jokes too. LOL!!

  13. I really use to like Ricky but besides the dark joke I’m really not a fan, I’m from Bham just like him and I support his parenting skills but I find that sometimes we get to relaxed with each other and respect goes out the window, I’m a beautiful chocolate skinned woman and his comment does not offend me because I know who iam, but it’s a lot of chocolate girs learning to love themselves that do not have the self awareness and one comment like that can do some damage, only because of his platform he needs to be more careful of his choices of words because 90% of his audience is black ……

  14. I am a dark skinned female. I understand it was a joke but like she said some women have low self esteem and that does not help them. We have to realize we as African Americans have to be careful of what we say because others get the impression they can say it too and it is ok most especially if it comes from someone that is considered a celebrity or well known.

  15. I agree with her message 100% but not necessarily her delivery. I just made a post on my Facebook talking about how tiring & hurtful it is to see so much female bashing on my timeline. Especially against black women. It’s old. It’s played out. I have deleted a couple of people who said on their pages that black women are strong enough to take the bashing and criticism therefore should just deal with it. Sad.
    Black women are here to support their black men. But to be ridiculed and bashed and not protected is very hurtful. And my protected I mean, there way too many men (but not all men) who are hurting us the same way every other race is hurting us rather protecting us.
    I said I don’t agree with her delivery because I felt she I turn, started to bash a little, understandably out of fresh anger, but if we speak about black men needing to stop belittling and ridiculing us then we have to make sure we don’t stoop to those levels either.
    Props to her for speaking up though. I get it, has a comedian, but it’s too much shit going on with us right now to laugh about that. And even though I have not seen his show where his son is even saying he doesn’t like black women, this joke is in poor taste and makes you wonder is that this young man’s preference alone or is it influenced in some way. I won’t speculate any further on that though.
    It was just a shitty joke. Flat out.

  16. I think it is blown a bit out of proportion because comedians take sensitive topics and joke about them it’s their job. Unfortunately it’s a hard job to execute because you have no idea how the audience will accept or translate what you’re saying. I love Rickey Smiley so I know what he does for the black community as a whole so I believe the joke was from a good place just … not the right audience.

  17. I do believe it was strictly a joke. I also believe he must have been making fun of one of his family members. Yes the light skinned dark skinned battle among us is just plain stupid but I’m sure he wasn’t trying to degrade darker skinned women considering he is dark and his kids are dark so somewhere close is a darker skinned woman in his life. Ijs

  18. I APPROVE of the message! Thank you Esha Johnson. Yes he’s a comedian, but as a black person you have a responbility in what you create and how you want to be perceived. She’s right I’m from the South, where I was belittled by whites and BLACKS, because of my beautiful brown skin. And when your faced by HATE on every side your self esteem takes a hit. I don’t know WHY, black people have so much hate for their own race. It’s been beaten into is that the lighter the better, and we are STILL allowing that same mentality to factor in our lives today. I HATE that saying your pretty for a dark skinned girl!!! LIKE THE THE ENTIRE FUCK!!! That’s ignorant and anyone who says different, is ignorant as well. Hell, we ALL have DARK SKIN members of our family, we ALL need love. So Ricky, fix that shit. Shit you ain’t that cute anyway.

  19. You want us to get over this shit. when the cops are shooting your ass I guess we just going to sit down and don’t say s*** about it because we are dark skin women.

  20. Wow. This lady’s comments are on time. It’s not funny. It’s not a joke. These are the jokes that dark skin kids heard/hear in school everyday. Believe me, I know. I’m dark skin and I’m a teacher. This needs to stop. And, ignorant parents are passing this crap way of thinking down to their ignorant little offspring. Kids are repeated this b.s. in class. The look on the faces of the dark skin kids is sad. I am tired of having to go into defense mode and preach to these children about OUR heritage. We need to do better.

  21. Its tasteless and coonish. I just read a story about a child being bullied because she has dark skin. The mother took her out of that school and put her in another and her our own people bullied her. This is a 10 year old our legacy, yet this black man who should be protector of our children just made a fool and BOY out of himself. He fails himself, his children and the black community. This wasn’t a joke this was a judgement against that little girl and thousands like her. As far as I’m concerned he’s just another sell-out coon, tap dancing for racist.


  23. OK. This new breed of Black men have no loyalty to their women….. ZERO loyalty. I’M TIRED OF BLACK MEN AN THEIR BIG MOUTHS. I’M STARTING TO FEEL SICK EVERY TIME I STAND TO CLOSE TO A BLACKMAN NOW. It’s sad to watch Black MEN hate the very women. That makes him black. No wonder white men and Mexican men think black men are stupid.

  24. Well said Esha! At first I was thinking it’s just a joke so no big deal but after listening to you I realized it was a STUPID joke at that and pointless… And he’s about blacker than the skillet himself so maybe he’s making fun of himself? Anyway it wasn’t called for & I agree with you. thank you for speaking out and standing up!

  25. Unfortunately I understand what she is saying, for me I’m just tired of defending the same negative hatred amongst our own. RealizING that they may feel if I say hurtful things about my own race then I’m not a part of that race. And in this day and age it’s still being passed down to the next generation. I don’t support brother self hatred so I will no longer support him. Unity starts with like minded people thanks for expressing your view sister.

  26. You see Rickey is part of the agenda that is to destroy the black skin he is gay and under mk why else would he do or say something that he no would be offensive he is part of a gay fraternity just a coon ass man whom I have no more respect for my 90 year old grand mother call his morning show and was disrespected I and most of the people I no stop listening to his show so to here that he has said something stupid Dont really surprise me and for the record white people no the power of the black skin that’s why they tried so hard to obtain it they tried tanning that didn’t work without killing them so they flip the script they said if we can have that chocolate skin we’ll make it seem like our skin is the best we will brainwash the blacks make them turn against their skin by getting rid of it all together in other words if we can’t have it it will no longer exist black skin is the key to youth like the old saying the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice which means the darker the skin the younger you stay so forget oh coon ass Rickey smiley if you really look at him you can see he is slightly retarded just like his character Lit Daryl

  27. I with all the way, I just love me some dark skin woman, I think they are sooooooo beutiful , the mother of my children is very dark skinned and I can’t help myself when I see a dark skin woman. My skin is dark but dark dark cause I’m mixed​ with Indian and I’m also a D.j. and I’m pretty well known in my area,and I go by the the name d.j. blaq. Which stand for blackman loves an African queen. So to that perspective I agree with everything she said and I do mean everything, work for word.

  28. I love her❤️Much love sister Speak power to the Truth. The dark skin jokes are insulting & Rickey Smiley , you are no Denzel. Denzel has the prize. U can’t even comprehend bcuz you’re too busy worshipping mazza’s skin tones.

  29. I remember the days of playing the dozens, your mama, just tearing each other down joke. As a well known comedian you have given us all great things to laugh at about ourselves. With this powerful media platform comes social responsibility. To go beyond the quick easy laugh to using your gifts to up lift and move us forward to greater. This may have started out not so good offending lots of people. Yet it’s also so an opportunity to build and uplift those offended to believe in themselves. God has given you a special place to help our community go to higher heights and make us laugh. We stubble but then we stand up stronger and taller.

  30. The joke wasn’t funny in the comical sense. It was not a cool joke to make on his radio show. I know when comedians do stand up its “all bets are off” and everyone gets talked about. But his radio show was not the place to display that type of “offend everyone” comedy. Yes, we are sensitive to this. You would think black men, especially black men who are not considered light skinned, would be sensitive to this because they were once in the same position. Black men were sensitive as hell in the 80s and 90s when dark skin black men were being passed over for the “Pretty Rickey’s” and “Light-skin, green eyed” brothers. I’m old enough to remember those days and they were butt hurt as hell back then about it. They just didn’t have social media to let everyone know they did not appreciate being passed over for being too dark. They really need to check themselves and remember it was not that darn long ago they were feeling this way tired of being talked about for the skin color, tired of black women passing them over and complaining about them being too dark. I’m sure they don’t want those days to return.

  31. She is absolutely correct….there are some things that just are not funny…skin tone is one of them…may you be a woman, man or child….we need to be alittle more careful of what we consider funny….times are bad right now….and we should be uplifting each other….there are so may other things to joke about….ijs!!

  32. We as black people need to stop this dumb shit. We r all of the human race. Aint nobody better than the next person. We are about to go to war, and as a black women in our community we got problems. Like unemployment, gentificatoon in our communities where we cant afford to pay for housing, racism, illnesses, black on black crime, police abuse, the prison industrial systems, redluning with these banks not giving us business loans to own businesses and homes. Homelessnes. What r yall talking about. Rickey Smiley and his silly son. r yall serius. Who gives a dam. They just part of these fools that look down on their own race while they gettin fat and dont give a dam about Our plieght. We got to many problems to deal with this kind oF BULLSHIT.

  33. It’s disgusting that black men are condoning his joke and calling BW too sensitive hence proving her point- BW are on their own. If a white comedian made jokes about black men, they will cry racism not “lighten up, he’s a comedian” and BW will (foolishly) come to their defense. Smh.

  34. Rickey, is not worth my time. I know that he’s not worth my time to even discuss his comment. He’s an unintelligent man to even say such a harsh thing toward any women, something’s should only be kept back in that brain of yours. As far as I’m concern, he just doesn’t get it, Because he would haven ever disrespect the Black race of the Black Women! It doesn’t matters what skin color you are if you are black dummy,
    We all see how far you have grown and that is not too far because you’re a self centered man! It takes a REAL BLACK man to love and care about a loving BLACK
    Women and I guess you were only birth by two black men, not a man and a women! I guess I kind of figured that you were so full of yourself because I have never watch nothing that you were affiliated with anything you have done or listen to any one of your talk shows. Ok! but still good luck to your future!!!!

  35. Self deprivation humor is the lowest form of humor known by mankind to exist and it is why Ricky Smiley need to be beat, tarred, feather and run out of town on a rail at the business end of a buggy whip to an awaiting firing squad along with any black man that is in agreement with his deprivation humor.

    …and it is never the black mans response of … I will handle this and I will immediately insure my woman and children that has long as any of them depend on my name they will never go deserted, cold, hungry, homeless or undefended however I suspect it is because that takes courage black men don’t have especially when that’s all the black women and children need to hear but instead of displaying courage to promote the welfare and well being of the most precious and vulnerable that are watching black women and children instead hear black men crying, cursing, swearing and whining as we distance ourselves from all responsibility and accountability for our actions, behavior, condition and situation with public displays of black man on black man indignation in a cowardly effort to publicly humiliate with peer pressure from other black men the entire premise of having any expectation that black men are required and expected to be put in a position to defend the black woman, the black child and our own right to exist ….. We are cowards …….. GRADE F.

  36. I am sick of people saying that there is no limit when it comes to comedy. You are looking at it from the wrong perspective. When it comes to race and color, there is a limit with EVERYTHING

  37. No it’s NOT just jokes. Would it be “just jokes” if a comedian who knew that a woman was a victim of incestuous sexual child abuse but still said, “the only person who finds her attractive is her father”? What if it were your sisters or mothers who were offended? Would it be “just jokes” then? We are a people who seem to get off on disrespecting one another’s color when we are ALL the same race. It’s sickening! Rickey Smiley and his son can be with whomever they want; regardless the race, but they SHOULD NOT disrespect OUR RACE because of a preference. More and more these days it seems as if black people are hating ourselves. Mission accomplished, Willie Lynch. They’re almost ALL Tobys now. And these same people have the AUDACITY to support BLM. Hypocrites!

  38. It’s 2017 ! Find some new material. Joking about skin color is so 18th century. Let’s stop accepting shit because it’s comedic. Black face was comedic too !!!

  39. I’m a dark skin women of african American descent and I just think it is a stupid joke PERIOD. I feel for the women who feelings were hurt. I know somebody in his family is dark skin he’s not light so I just don’t appreciate the joke.

  40. Yes it was not funny, I agree some young girl or woman will be offend, I am but people do have the right to feel whatever way they want about certain issues doesn’t make it right doesn’t make it wrong he’s a butt head but Kevin he say .

  41. Yes it was not finny AMD like she said thats why we have to be strong our own men and the thing is he’s dark so since our skin dark we dont matter? Is there something wrong with being black Ricki? Or dark?

  42. The hell with Rickey Smiley and all the ignorant stupid shit said by so called “Comedians” in the name of Comedy!!! Funny how many Black folks are so offended when other races cracks racist jokes but think “it’s all good!!” when black comedians demean our own based on the color of their skin. Goes to show, too often, WE ‘RE OUR WORST ENEMY!!! Rickey Smiley should extend an immediate apology for his ignorant and hateful joke!!! His sponsors should immediately refrain their support of his show like they do to with any other racist remarks coming from other celebrities. F..K Him!!!

  43. Nooo…its not blown out of context SHE(Esha) stated the CAUSE n EFFECT … it was a “poor choice of words” at this moment and time .. Not would I have EVER thought I would hear him (RS) also call this young lady an UNIMPORTANT CHIC (RS has daughters) and NO-NAME … I was appalled at the message that he formulated due to her reminding him of the difficult times WE (people of COLOR) are facing…. NOT ONLY SHOULD RICKEY SMILEY give his team control over FB … he should also #be-humble and allow GOD control over his tongue and hands …DO NOT know what this UNIMPORTANT(why??-RS) lady has been through … some of us HAS compassion for “our people” and most importantly #our own … WHAT DID SHE really SAY TO SHUT Rickey Smiley DOWN FROM his FB account..

  44. I do not consider Rickey Smiley and he is ignorant. Unfortunately, hating your race and making fun of others to boost your self esteem is quite common among Black folks, the awful legacy of slavery. With folks like him, you simply hit him where it hurts- don’t watch his shows and don’t attend any of his performances.

  45. I never liked Rickey Smiley, but after hearing that offensive “joke”, I never will. This is coming from a Black man that love all shades of Black women.

  46. I would not worry about what Smiley’s son said cause look at him…attractive he is NOT. As for Smiley that was his humor, he is after all NOT a Kevin Hart.

  47. Being secure about who I am I wish I could get a shade darker. People like what they like I find that a lot of white and Hispanic men loveeeeeeeeeeeee darker skin black women so trust me what black men don’t want it’s a trillion of other ethnically group of men that adorn black women

  48. She is SOOOOO right! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree with it all. The only thing is I wish she would have fried his a$$. I’m that petty.

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