Marjorie Harvey Is 52, Fly, and Fashionable AF: 15 Of Marjorie Harvey’s Most Fabulous Looks

Steve Harvey’s other half, Marjorie Harvey is arguably not only his better half, but his stunning more fashionable half, too! Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Harvey is cute in his suits with the pocket squares, but Mrs Harvey is the one out here collecting edges, while these young chicks are sleeping on how to slay from TOP TO BOTTOM. You think I’m being extra? Here are some of Mrs. Harvey’s most memorable fashion moments. Let me present these here receipts:

This is the first photo that I saw of Mrs Harvey that conveyed to me that she didn’t come to play with ANY of us. #sickening

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This is the first photo that I saw of Mrs Harvey that conveyed to me that she didn't come to play with ANY of us. #sickening
Click HERE and HERE for the Broke girl’s Version of this dress.

Then there was the time that she gave us legs for DAYS and had us gagging behind those Valentino pumps. #STAAAAP

Similar Shoes HERE

Let’s all just take a moment tell soak up the sunshine and rainbows that Ms. Marjorie is providing in the super colorful ensemble.


She doesn’t even spare the bathing suits, y’all. Every man, woman, child, or fashion piece can fall victim to the slay:

Similar Bathing Suit HERE. Similar pumps HERE

Then there was that one time she was pretty and pink posies.

You know that feather shrug that Beyonce wore in the Run The World video? Yea, Ms. Marjorie wore the WHOLE DAMNED BIRD and STILL slayed!


In fact, it’s evident that she does yoga, dances with wolves and backup for Beyonce, because the way mama stays perched in feather or fur? #YAS!

Thrifty Version of this skirt HERE or HERE. Similar Pumps HERE.

Here she is giving you Pretty Woman, in a bathroom where I’m sure none of us can afford to even pee

marjory harvey-fashion

Speaking of having a leg up on the competition, IF YOU DON’T COME THROUGH IN THEM KNEE HIGHS WITH THAT SCHOOL GIRL PONY TAIL! Don’t do it to ’em Mrs Harvey!


Another favorite look….super chic and very expensive looking!

And if you ever wondered what 52 looks like….

marjory-harvey-fashionOh and just one more of Lady Harvey out here looking STUNNING AF.


Ok, so surely you get it now. Mrs. Harvey isn’t new to the game, but she’s certainly out her looking FRESH! You can follow her instagram page @marjorie_harvey, as well as her blog

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Which is was your favorite look?


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