#LetsTalkAboutIt: Mom Is Being Dragged On Social Media For Her Daughter’s “Kids Prom” Dress

Yes, kids prom is a thing. Or should I say baby prom is a thing. While the details surrounding the event the children attended are still unclear, what is clear is that folks are pretty upset about the outfit the girl wore to this “kids’s prom.”

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These babies are out here dressed up for “prom”. But lets be real, they aren’t dressing themselves. Read what some folks have to say.

Yes, you’re seeing that right. Someone tagged CPS!

After looking at the pictures.  What do you think?  Let talk about it!

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. Not too sure what the mom was thinking. Perhaps in her mind she is training her lil’ lady to be a top model someday. Not too sure, but it’s way too much for that little girl. Cover the top… reduce the length a bit and you have two adorable children at their prom.

  2. I understand fashion and a show and a kid prom it was the cut in front of the dress that took away from the cuteness of the little girl.

  3. I think the dress is cute everybody talk about how little girls and girls are dress, make the predators prey on them but anyone who would prey on an innocent child has a problem not the child or the way she’s dressed. The only way this dress would be provocative is if the mother is teaching her provocative things. Judging from the photo she isn’t the little girl appears to have class.

  4. I feel like the dress is okay all you guys are judging her when I see little kids with lil tank tops on with the everything showing or even shorts. Or what about parents who take pics of there kids naked in a tub etc. I don’t see how you can judge a parent from a picture y’all act like she doing something inappropriate at the end of the day that’s her child not no one else’s nothing was wrong with the little girl she was cute. Stop trying to knock someone parenting skills because of a picture y’all to judge mental. 💯

  5. I personally think y’all just mad cause half of y’all can’t afford what she has on and is so mad at the simple fact her mother threw her a prom party. O well. Half of y’all cant even talk y’all daughter wearing dazy dukes and half shirts with lip and nose piercings. Jealous much get off her. I would of been turned up if it was mines. She was never doing to much y’all doing to much hop off and please release 💯🖕

  6. I feel like ppl should mind there business it would be the same if it were a costume or if it were a famous persons kid then it would ok and hell these child molestors prey on kids that’s fully dressed, I think haters come out in any situation and may be mad because they didn’t think of it 1st.

  7. I think it’s too much. Had the dress been made without the low cut front it would be appropriate. Yes I agree that no matter what a child has on a pedophile will look because it has nothing to do with the outfit. As a mother & grandmother, I would not want my grandchild dressed like that & when my daughter was little she had to do the bend over test before she was allowed to purchase clothes. If anything showed it stayed at the store. When the spades leggings/shorts came out, she could only wear them with a shirt that covered her bottom. I say let a little girl be a little girl & save the low cuts, for their high school if you allow your child to dress this way.

  8. Some people are not ready to be parents, they still want to play dress up with their dolls. A good parent can see the harm this would cause to this child walking into a kiddie dance and she is looking like the entertainment at the groom’s last free night . Please be respectful and cautious about dressing your self and especially your children. This is far from cute. Just wrong, Just wrong wrong, wrong.

  9. It’s not about how much the dress costs or about having a Prom party, or being fashionable those things are ok, it’s about appropriateness… As parents and as a society, we’re responsible for the safety of our children.. It’s not ok and it is everybody’s business when children are exposed like adults.. It’s so sad when ignorant people justify this because “the dress” is expensive… I don’t care if that damn dress costed a million dollars it’s not worth exposing a child as an adult, it’s too much child trafficking mess out here and putting your child on social media as a grown up is putting your child at risk.. Now, this probably was a proud mommy moment for the mother, but she didn’t take time to think about her child, she got caught up in the price and glamour of how she would have liked to look at her Prom, but this wasn’t her Prom… Kids are not adults or friends to adults and should not be treated as such.. Trying to be over the top or trying to spend $2 more on a Prom dress than everybody else because you’re a thousandaire ain’t worth jeopardizing your family..

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