Black Girls Need Sunscreen Too! These Nigerian Sisters Are Releasing A Sunscreen Just For Us This Summer And We Can’t Wait!

The black-owned skincare brand, Bolden,created by Nigerian sisters Chinelo Chidozie and Ndidi Obidoa, is getting ready to launch a sunblock designed specifically for darker skin tones. The product is set to be rolled out this summer and has Vitamin C and an SPF of 30. Mostly importantly it dries clear on the skin!

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As we all know, most sunscreens leave an ashy, unattractive residue on dark skin.

“A lot of black people don’t wear sunblock because they don’t see the damage immediately,” Chidozie told OkayAfrica in an interview.

“There’s an issue with education around sunscreen in the black community. Even though skin cancer doesn’t affect people of color as much as it affects people with white skin, that makes it more dangerous because it’s often not caught until it’s in an advanced stage.”

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I’m ready to lather on the SPF 30 without looking like a ghost, aren’t you (click HERE for more options)?

Some folks with dark skin tones may think that the use of sunscreen isn’t necessary but it is. Melanin may help fight the sun’s ray but we are still at risk of skin damage from excessive sun exposure.

Here’s what the Bolden girls promise their new sunscreen will do:

Our SPF 30 Brightening Moisturizer combines advanced ingredients with broad spectrum sunscreen to visibly improve the look and feel of skin. Nourishing moisturizers and robust antioxidants help restore hydration and radiance while SPF 30 sunscreen guards against UV damage. Vitamin C lies at the heart of our formulation, providing brightening corrective properties and counteracting daily oxidative damage. The generous 2.0 oz. tube packaging limits exposure to light and air, keeping our key ingredients fresh and effective

While the Bolden sunscreen won’t be out for a few more weeks, the ladies do have a plethora of other skincare solutions for women with dark skin.

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Head over over to the Bolden site HERE, and let us know if you see anything you like. Thanks, Bolden, for looking out and designing skincare specifically for women of color.
I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. Great share. A lot of African American/Black Americans do not believe we need to protect our skin and use sunscreen. That is just not the case and I’m pleased that we are realizing that we need to create products for us and also support Black Owned Businesses. It is unfortunate that we spend so much money supporting products made and owned by other races but we do not make it a point to support each other. Things have to change.

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