#Unbothered: Nigerian Long Jumper Lost her Wig During A Competition And She Gave No Damns

Blessing Okagbare-Ighoteguonor is a 28 year-old Nigerian track and field Olympic athlete who specializes in long jumping. During her first long jump attempt at Oslo Diamond League, she jumped a pretty sweet 6.21 meters. Despite her impressive performance, folks are focused on that fact that  but during that her wig flew off during the competition.  No, for real, just watch:

Her wig fell off, and sis was unbothered, highly unbothered. Blessing stepped off to the side, checked on her score, got her wig out the sand, dusted off the sand, put her wig cap back on, adjusted her wig straps, and put that sucka back on like nothing ever happened.

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While reports online insist on calling the occasion an “embarrassment,” we don’t see it that way.  Shoot, I say lets give her a round of applause for keeping it moving.

The footage has made its rounds all over the web and Netflix Chewing Gum actress, Michaela Coel , showed solidarity for her sister sharing this post on her Instagram:


Michaela Coel brings up some valid points, but it ain’t all that deep for us. We’re feminists here and we sure did laugh while watching this video. It was funny, and Blessing is the GOAT for giving no damns. I say, let’s salute our magical sis Blessing, and leave all the hair politics for another day.  Here’s to Blessing for blessing us with the #blackgirlmagic

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. Please understand that many women wear wigs for variety of reasons, especially medical – alopecia which affects a large number of women of every race. It may not be a subject that is easily disclosed unless the individual feels comfortable in telling you about her medical issues. Unless you have experienced these medical conditions please understand that wig-wearing is not and option for many. Have a blessed day

  2. #unbothered:Nigerian Truth is a wig, weave, ponytail, scarf, whatever is our choice to wear. If the wind blows it off, o’well, we still got things to do and can’t be bothered with something so small. It’s like losing an earring or heel. We got thing to do, exactly how much attention do we need to pay to these little hiccup? Did she qualify for the next round?

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