“Next, I’ll Have Consultations For A Butt Enlargement And For African Facial Features.” This Woman Is Transforming Into a Black Woman

Recently I started changing my appearance from a Caucasian to a Black woman. First, I had a treatment that changed my skin colour from white to black. Then I colored my hair black. In the future, I will also change my hair structure, my facial features and enlarge my buttocks.

Martina Adam or “Martina Big” as she is called,  is a 29 year-old German women who is going through the process of changing her appearance from a white women to a black women. On her website she says her admiration of the Barbie doll influenced her throughout her childhood. In 2012 Martina quit her job working at an airline and pursued her dream of the perfect Barbie figure and her dream of being a big breasted model.

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In 2017, she began the transformation of changing her skin tone with a series of injections. She told the DailyMail 

‘I was not expecting to go so dark but it worked so well…I love it and I really want to push it to the extreme. Now I just want to get darker and darker and see what the limits are.

Here is a video of Martina talking about the “troubles” of traveling with her current passport and the way she looks now

“I’m a black girl with black hair, so I have to change very soon my passport,”

Martina recently went on her Facebook page to share an update on her transformation

I have great news 🙂
Yesterday I was with an African hairdresser and got a hair extension with curly, African hair 🙂
To become more and more a black woman, that is such a wonderful feeling 🙂 I’m so happy 🙂
Next, I’ll have consultations for the butt enlargement and for the African facial features.
How do you like my new look?

This puts Rachel Dolezal  to shame.  Well folks how does she look? Leave your comments!

I’m 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.


I'm 30 something reside in Massachusetts and enjoy pop culture.

  1. No comment, really. Well here’s one. This woman is mentally ill. Why are people letting her ruin herself this way. #sad #norealfriends

  2. This is sad, and no matter what she does to mutilate herself, she will never UNDERSTAND the struggle. I’m sure what she is doing may be cause for a psychological evaluation; not just for transforming, but what is to come for imitating the Black woman!!!! She’s not ready, and believes it to be all smiles a giggles!!! We’ll stay woke, history can’t be mocked, Being Black means sacrifice, strength to overcome injustices, intelligence, and power in the face of adversity. This is an example of mockery “Black-face”!!!

  3. She looks hideous. This is what I would call another mockery to our kind. You claim you don’t like us but yet trying to be like us. I agree with Ms. Mayes in her above statement, she will never understand the true deal of being one of us. This is a truly disgrace. Our breast are not that big, nor are our lips. If your going to portray us please do it correctly.

  4. She looks odd and freakish. It does not look natural at all. Especially her busts. They are waaaay too big! She reminds of John Howard Griffin who went through similar kinds of treatments as research for his book, “Black Like Me.” However,. Mr. Griffin had no intention of continuing his life as a black person. He only wanted to know what what the the current living situation of the black man in the deep South. I hope this woman seeks counseling about her choices before she makes her irreversible decisions.

  5. Like someone who did not know who she was from the start AKA identity crisis. Her look looks like a customer that mock African Americans. How about being who you are and not needing to be someone you were not destine to be. The messages you are sending apart from the physical changes you are basically not happy with who you are and instead of focusing on the outside work.on the inside. I wish she would stop moving forward and see a therapist prior to getting any more surgeries. Best wishes on your journey . God blessings!

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