Kodak Black Clarifies What He Meant By “I Don’t Really Like Black Girls Like That”

In today’s spotlight of Black men who make disparaging comments about Black women we have Kodak Black.

In case you’re a little unfamiliar with Kodak, he rocked the bantu-knot hair style and rose to fame with the song “Skrt”. Yea, this guy.

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Just puttin this out there so y'all know who's music not to support 😇 #KodakBlack HE'S ENTITLED TO HIS PREFERENCE LIKE WE'RE ENTITLED NOT TO LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC. YOU KNOW BETTER YOU DO BETTER! ➡️FYI IT IS PUTTING A BLACK WOMAN DOWN BY SAYING WE'RE GOOD ENOUGH TO HAVE SEX WITH BUT NOT TO DATE! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #afrogirl #afrocentric #brownbeauty #beautifulblackwomen #blacklove #blackloveisbeautiful #blacklovematters #blackcouples #blackrelationships #blackempowerment #kinkychicks #kinks #teamnatural #blackartist #afropuff #afrohair #melaninrich #melaninmonroe #melaningoals #blackentrepreneur #blackowned #blackbombshells #afrobeauty #brownskinbeauty #melaninbeauty #melaningirls #houston #lagos #newyork

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Recently, Kodak took to Instagram Live to give his followers a question and answer session that got on the topic of women worthy of his courtship. Unfortunately, his live video revealed his true colorism when asked if he’ll date Keke Palmer and replied, “Keke Palmer, she straight. I’ll bag her, but I don’t really like Black girls like that, sorta kinda.”

On the plus side, Taylor Swift, Cardi B., and Jennifer Lopez know at least one person who wants to be a contestant on their dating show. As for us Black girls, we once again find ourselves placed at the bottom of the color spectrum, figuratively and literally.

He later posted to his Instagram account to break down what his color complex so we’ll understand better.

Well tell us how you really feel then 💅🏽 #KodakBlack

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Luckily for us, we didn’t. On Monday, June 26th,  Kodak took to his social media page again to “clap back” at the users who left comments under his pictures who disapproved of his blatant colorism comments against Black women.

#PressPlay: So y'all been leaving comments under #KodakBlack page? 👀😩 (See previous post)

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We get it, you can date whoever you want. By all means, don’t let us stop you from finding true love. But my question to Kodak is: how do you know Keke Palmer even likes you? If you were to take away the fame, count the couple of dollars you’ve made off your singles, expunge your criminal record, and look past the cross tattooed in the middle of your forehead, how do you know the Black girls you “sorta, kinda” don’t like would even “sorta, kinda” like you? You don’t, which is why it’s never okay to diss your race.

It’s not a matter of critiquing someone for being honest about their dating preference, just understand your preference doesn’t have to be prejudged. Kodak dissed an entire race of women based on premature perceptions. This is not the first time Kodak landed in the hot seat for negative comments geared towards Black women. In a video released last summer, Kodak raps his disapproval of dark-skinned women.

“Where them yellow bones? / I don’t want no Black bitch. / I’m already Black. / Don’t need no Black bitch.”

Peep the trend, Black artists who are anti-black is in.

Were you offended or surprised by Kodak Black’s comments?

  1. It’s always you ugly dicksuckin negroids that make these offhanded remarks against your own and I suppose your mammy is blacker than a mutha fuckers and your sister too and so you’re not accepting of them either you sound like a goddamn fool get the fuck out of here and any decent black woman wouldn’t want to date your ignorant azz anyway you brainwashed fuck and I hope them other women you like take all yo Lil money because you don’t have much and see where that leave your azz I bet you look for a sistah then lol

  2. I have never heard of this joker. He will stay unknown in my mind. Anyone who is this self-hating has serious issues.

  3. Its sad that society has Kodak Black opinion of Black Women as it is but keep in mind that you can’t hate your own people that look like you and your family yet say that you love yourself. I never hear other races disrespect themselves. Love your own first because you woukdnt be where you are without a stand from a black woman. And, readers on Chocolate Cake Talk and IGAMSWM will be informed.

  4. I can tell he has a lot of self hate geared towards himself.. I am also sure that his mother is black.. so he is letting us know that he doesn’t like her either😂😂smh😢 Our people have to do better.

  5. Not offended at all, it’s sad, hes sad. He does not like the skin he’s in ! Siistas have not loss anything, other than money he has nothing to offer. Go back to school , learn how to speak properly. And most of all get some therapy, learn how to love yourself. No self respecting Black woman would look twice at this dude . Sad sad sad .

  6. So ignorant…Yes we all can choose who we want.How do you down black women,when you yourself is black as black gets..Whats your momma a black women. I am red boned ..I love my black brothers and sisters ,all colors..Taste the rainbow…

  7. At this day and age I’m not surprised. I have male family members that are like that. It’s sad to see but all to common to be upset about. We like who we like but it just seems like black men with a platform go the extra mile to let the world know they disapprove of us too. None of them would be here without that black mother they have.

  8. Kodak who? Taylor Swift, Cardi B and JLO – all either one of them is gonna do is hand him their car keys to valet park their car….

  9. A few years back, there were rappers that you would never describe at first glance as a “low life”. Public Enemy, Run DMC, LL, NAS, De La Soul and so on. Okay, so that seems a little outdated but at first glance, you know this jackass is a lowlife, don’t be offended by him. He’s in his own hell, he just doesn’t know it.

  10. I just really don’t give a eff. How many black women- dark skinned or otherwise, would really be checking for this dude?

  11. Poor baby…I used to get angry at comments like these, but now I feel sorry that his body/mind is afflicted with colorism. Through his comments and his music, he has revealed his self-hate towards himself. Must be painful to live hating reflections of yourself. I truly feel sorry for him and hope he gets the help he needs.

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