#TheyTriedIt: Pop Sugar Gets Dragged To Hell For Posting This Pro “Natural Hair” Article

While most of us were enjoying the 4th of July festivities, PopSugar dropped a bomb of a post on “natural hair” that almost went unnoticed.

The article in question (which appears to be a sponsored post) is actually a couple of weeks old. The article entitled, These 3 Women Are Making a Serious Case For Not Processing Their Hair, made the rounds this week and disgust poured in from Black and non-Black women alike.

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The 3 women that PopSugar speak of are white and their hair issues range from “frizzy” to “thick”, to “textured”.  The article proposes that we embrace our natural textures and avoid processing it (straightening and coloring).

Well the internet was not having it, and reactions have poured in over the past few days.


The article has spawned mostly negative feedback from women of every color.  It has been called out as a blatant attempt to “co-opt” the natural hair movement from Black women while simultaneously excluding them.

As it is a sponsored post, it appears that PopSugar (like so many others) chose capitalism over consciousness.  This isn’t the first time, and unfortunately it probably won’t be the last.  All money isn’t good money.

How do you feel about PopSugar’s idea of “natural hair” and its representation of it?

  1. Maybe we should have never called it natural to begin with, but kinky/coily/curly or textured instead. Or maybe people with straighter hair can call it “unprocessed”? “Natural” doesn’t just apply to us, though we’ve been using it to describe afro-texture.

  2. I hope I don’t get judged for this but we need to stop jumping on everything and getting mad. So what? It’s natural for white women. That’s their natural. They don’t have to include African natural if their market doesn’t really call for it. Black pages I visit don’t include white women so let’s not try to be part of everything. This is natural for them so why people mad? Because if the term, as if natural is only an ethnic hair term? Let’s all breath and not get offended by everything. It’s stressing us out unnecessarily

  3. You are absolutely right!! All money ain’t Good money! When wiil folks learn Money ain’t everything? Did PopSugar really think we were going to let that fly??!! Now they about the have a Natural Hair Lesson they weren’t expecting. Oh well…

  4. Elle I agree this their natural, to an extent (because ww with tight curly hair, may be rolling their eyes too).

    I know plenty of Asian women who get their hair straightened citing “kinky texture” as the reason.

    Natural Hair is largely our term, in our circles. But, I think this shows why kinky hair is met with such resistance. Think about it, if their hair issues are undesirable and considered a big deal then imagine what they think of kinky curly coily hair!!!

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