Walmart Was Selling a Wig Cap in the color :”N*gger Brown”

I knew I was a Target girl for a reason.

As Walmart tends to have everything, it’s a go to for many of shoppers. From tires to groceries, Walmart has it all.  They have expanded their selection to include all of your haircare needs, as evidence by their website.  You can buy hair, styling products, even wig caps.  Recently a customer was perusing their online website and found something very disturbing.

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That’s right.  The color described for this particular wig cap is “n*gger brown”.  LoveBScott caught this yesterday, and as expected it was removed from Walmart’s website.  However, I did a little digging of my own to see what I could find.

The item was definitely on Walmart’s website and if you click the link now, this is what you’ll find.

As it still exists in the search results and seems to have an item number, it was part of their inventory.  My question is, if the customer had not caught this, how long would it have remained on the website?  Better yet, why was this even allowed to be entered into inventory with that name?  The wig cap is manufactured by a company named Pixnor, so did they name their item this or was it Walmart?  I don’t know exactly who is responsible, but I think someone needs to address this!  Deleting it from the website as if nothing happened is unacceptable!  This was a whole new level of disrespect, but coming from Walmart I’m not surprised.  If you search the site now for that particular wig cap, this is what you’ll find.


Hmm, just regular Black?  What happened, did you all run out creative names to insult customers?

How do you feel about Walmart’s wig caps?  Do you think this needs to be addressed?

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