“If Rihanna Is Not Plus-Size, What is she?” Blogger Labels Rihanna “Plus-size” In Body-Shaming Headline

Rihanna is a lot of things. A singer, actress, clothing and shoe designer, perfumer, and humanitarian to name a few.  One thing she is not, is plus-size. For whatever reason in recent months, people have felt the need to body shame her.  Blogger Sandra Rose (a woman) is the latest to hop on the bandwagon.

Rihanna has been making the rounds to promote her upcoming film ‘Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets’.  Her most recent stop was a the premiere in Los Angeles in a Giambatista Valli couture gown.

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In recapping the event, Sandra Rose decided to label her post ‘Plus Size Singer Rihanna Stuns at ‘Valerian’ Premiere’.

Of course this headline sparked outrage from Rihanna’s Navy, and women, in general.  But Sandra did not retreat.  In fact she doubled down!  She quickly followed up with another post to address the controversy.

In her post ‘fanMAIL: Rihanna is Not Plus-Size – You are BIGGER Than Her’ Sandra uses the bs “fashion industry” standard approach to justify her comments.

“If Rihanna is not plus-size, what is she? Let’s examine the fashion industry standard for plus-size models. According to PLUS Model magazine, plus size is defined as sizes 10-14; super-size is sizes 16 and up.

At 5-ft-9 and about 160 pounds, Rihanna fits the category of plus-size. She’s still a beautiful young lady, but as Sir Mix-a-Lot would say, “Red beans and rice didn’t miss her.”

Everyone knows that the fashion industry standard of measuring women is wrong and has been the subject of discussion for years.  Why even cite that flawed logic?  She continued her rebuttal by tossing in her own stats.

“For the record, your auntie is 5-ft-3, and I weigh a svelte 140 pounds. I am definitely not bigger than Rihanna.”

Really?  Okay lets break this down.  According the the CDC, the average American woman is 5’4, 166 lbs. So based on that information and her height and alleged weight (how would she know that anyway?), Rihanna would fall below the average weight of most American women.  But forget all that.  If Rihanna was truly plus-size, she would not be the clothes-horse she is in the fashion industry.  Designers are notorious for refusing to dress women they deem “plus size”.

I’ve seen several photos of Rihanna in recent months, am I missing something?  When did she become fat, or even overweight?  She looks great.  Even if she has gained weight (as we all do as we age), what gives anyone the right to body shame her?  Did it ever occur to people that there may be serious issues causing her to gain weight?  Thyroid problems, hormonal disorders, injuries preventing her from working out, anything could be going on.  I am appalled that as a woman, someone would take the opportunity to attempt to shame her for.

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  1. Nice article.

    Sandra Rose is an idiot and irrelevant. Has been for over a decade. I stopped caring what she thinks a long time ago. I guess she moved on from Beyonce and decided to attack Rihanna. She must have spurned her advances too.

  2. This whole rihanna thing is what happens when we real women let the bullers decide what is fashion.. Stupse

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